FOWC with Fandango: egregious – my second entry!

adjective: outstandingly bad; shocking.

Right now I am listening to the television playing in the room next to me. It is the Dr. Phil show. The topic is “Bullying Moms”.

It is egregious, the things that a mother would say to her child. It is egregious the things that people say to anyone! I don’t understand how anger or hurt can build such a rage in someone that they want to physically and emotionally abuse anyone or anything. It is so disgusting to me. It makes me angry. It makes me feel rage!

Whether it is children, the elderly, veterans, or animals, I could become physically ill thinking about the lives some people are enduring right at this moment as I am typing, comfortable and reasonably happy. There are so many stories. There are so many people/things hurt. I cannot understand it at any depth.

©2020 CBialczak


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