From my desk: 01/15/2020

Frustration: I just spent a lot of time, and I mean a lot of time, trying to get some of my blog content organized, because that is how I am. Every time I thought I had it, wordpress shut off or said they encountered a problem. I deleted all of my menu. Anyhow, that being said I may not have much to write about today, since I spent the day doing technically nothing.

Happiness: I have been able to do more of the “regular” writing here on this blog since things are settling down. I missed all of the daily prompts and pictures, sharing ideas, reading everyone’s creations, etc. It is great to be back.

Future: I am going to be moving along trying to send out query letters until I get an agent! I hope, hope, hope it happens soon, I have been putting in tons of effort into revising my writing based on feedback, etc. That being said I am also going to expand my writing to try so non-fiction articles, primarily about education, behavior managament and learning. If you have any concerns or questions, start sending them in, but I will be making this more “formal” when I have it all thought out.

Have a peaceful night!

6 thoughts on “From my desk: 01/15/2020

  1. Reading about your many “About Me” pages, I have to tell you I do the same!
    But I include a new about me page on my birthdays, marking another year of survival, of more fatigue, of further hopelessness about this world.

    It’s so heartening to see someone else do something similar. 👏

    Good luck! Hope to read more of your content.

    Thank you for following my blog. 🤗

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      1. Yes, I have a few tattoos. Most have been well thought out. One I wish I had done differently, well make that two. But they aren’t too bad and considering I’m getting too old to wear revealing clothing on a regular basis, no one can see.


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