From my desk: 01/15/2020

Frustration: I just spent a lot of time, and I mean a lot of time, trying to get some of my blog content organized, because that is how I am. Every time I thought I had it, wordpress shut off or said they encountered a problem. I deleted all of my menu. Anyhow, that being said I may not have much to write about today, since I spent the day doing technically nothing.

Happiness: I have been able to do more of the “regular” writing here on this blog since things are settling down. I missed all of the daily prompts and pictures, sharing ideas, reading everyone’s creations, etc. It is great to be back.

Future: I am going to be moving along trying to send out query letters until I get an agent! I hope, hope, hope it happens soon, I have been putting in tons of effort into revising my writing based on feedback, etc. That being said I am also going to expand my writing to try so non-fiction articles, primarily about education, behavior managament and learning. If you have any concerns or questions, start sending them in, but I will be making this more “formal” when I have it all thought out.

Have a peaceful night!


      1. Yes, I have a few tattoos. Most have been well thought out. One I wish I had done differently, well make that two. But they aren’t too bad and considering I’m getting too old to wear revealing clothing on a regular basis, no one can see.


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