From my desk: 12/22/2019

I had the pleasure of celebrating Christmas with my beautiful daughter, Lindsay, and wonderful partner, David. Because of other circumstances we would have been unable to enjoy Christmas together on the actual Christmas morning, hence our rescheduling. I have to say that with the Christmas music playing, a nice dinner before us, and an exchange of gifts it felt like a perfectly wonderful Christmas morning. This goes to show that it isn’t about just giving presents, it is about being present! I have had a rough seventeen months and whether it has made me more aware of my appreciation or knocked it into me, I appreciate the people I love so very much. You can never tell when you won’t have them anymore, take each day and enjoy each other!

I will be wishing the happiest of holidays to all of my friends, family, and now, WordPress family, as the days of festivities are alive for many. No matter what you celebrate, or don’t for that matter, just enjoy life. That, my friends, is my professional and educated advice!

Peace to you all.

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