Weekend Writing Prompt #272- Dazzling

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What is Dazzling?

One look and I see
What dazzling means
In the eyes of the ones
Those here to be seen.

From the top of your head
To the tip of your toes
What dazzling means
Who really knows? 

It amazes me
Right to my core
That what dazzling means
Stands right at my door.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Weekend Writing Prompt #243 – Temerity

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wk 243 temerity


She watched him walk away. Her blood boiled when she thought of how intriguingly handsome he was but his temerity made him unpredictable. Despite his recklessness there was still something that drew her to him. Why couldn’t she stop thinking of him, imagining his arms around her, his lips on hers? She hoped he would keep walking; it’d make her life so much simpler and steady. For now anyways. 

©2022 CBialczak

Vault: Weekend Writing Prompt


I’m helping you….

Open the safe 

Open the vault 

Take all the money 

It’s never your fault. 

Take all the money 

Hurry up run! 

What did you say? 

This isn’t real fun? 

Why are you worried? 

Why are you scared? 

It’s not a big deal 

It’s not like I cared. 

Go ahead and cry 

I will just say goodbye 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Fabric: Weekend Writing Prompt

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She found it. Tucked in the corner of an old, dusty box wrapped in a thin fabric, was the ring she had been told stories about. It started with her grandmother; all the stories about the good luck this ring brought to whoever wore it. Then her mother and her aunt. They couldn’t stop going on about how this ring helped them find wonderful husbands and have great careers. What was it with the ring anyhow? It was only a simple gold band with a green stone mounted on it. It was probably just green glass, like the kind beer bottles are made of. Caught in one of the prongs was a string from the fabric it had been wrapped in. The strangest thing was that Shany could still smell grandma’s sweet perfume. 

©2020 CBialczak Fiction