Writing Prompt #46

I never had the chance to thank….

Have you ever just sat back and thought about it? Thought about all of the people that come and go in your life, every day, every year, in every place you live and work? Even if I just go back to the days of teaching I can think of all the schools I worked at, all the staff I worked with, all the teachers, children, parents, custodians…Then I think about my restaurant days! Wow, all the restaurants, customers, bar patrons, breakfast eaters, cooks, and dishwashers. Now I haven’t even started to think about my growing up, my high school, my college, my professors…

So I sit here and think about it. I think about the people who had an impact on my life. I think about the people who added sorrow or strife. Then those who have added nothing but joy and happiness. From all of my memories, from the farthest depths of my mind, I look to find that one person who I know for a fact helped me become the person I am today. I think about the good, the bad, the obvious, the ones you would never think of. Who comes to your mind?

In my head, I laugh that this person would ever really come into my head, and I guess I have to explain how the bad experience taught me a good lesson in life. I never had the chance to thank Carolyn’s father for calling me a “sneaky, little girl” when I was honestly and truly trying to be considerate. That comment, not to my face yet close enough to be heard, was made and has stuck with me my whole life. That was in maybe third grade. Why do I want to thank this man for being so mean to a little kid? Because it taught me that honesty feels so much better, especially when you know you are honest and there is no doubt in your mind that you have told the truth without any expectations to follow.

For this I thank Mr. C—, I grew up knowing that honesty feels so good.

Writing Prompt #45

My Favorite Pie

Back when my kids were little and I worked nights, I spent at least one day a week making pies. I made pies for a small coffee shop. They would buy my pies, which people raved about.

When I first started making the pies I realized I needed my own crust. I didn’t realize that crusts are unique and that people who love pie know the difference between a Pilsbury pie crust and homemade. So I went about making my crusts. I tried just about every kind out there. Some with water and oil, some with shortening, some just butter, some with vanilla extract…you name it and I tried it. Why did I try so many? To be honest, because I wanted to find one that tasted really good but was really easy to make.

Anyhow, I made pies every week for quite a few months. One day one of my pies didn’t set up. I can’t remember if it was chocolate cream pie or something like that. The owner of the shop was furious! Well, I can’t tell if it doesn’t set until it is cut into! It looked good. At the time I was selling pies for about $5 each, which was a big rip off! Anyhow, the owner complained to his wife who then told me that he was mad. I think I made pies once more for them and then stopped. It wasn’t worth all my time and effort.

My favorite of all to eat and to make is a blueberry pie with a buttery topping that melts in your mouth!