Love at the Tower: Compilation 02/02/2023

The image of the city’s clock amidst the chilly air
its origin unknown for now and nobody did care
The chiming in the tower made my deepest wish come true
as if a dream had happened, I could finally sit with you
We crunched on our late breakfast, my Lucky Charms the best
compersion to my sugary desire never added to your stress
We locked our hands together and vowed to always stay attached
in the perpendicular arm embrace we were so closely latched.
We gazed at one another with no care to who could hear
Our love could show and grow some more, never more to fear.

©2023 CBialczak

chilly air
wish, dream, image

Remember Love: Compilation 01/05/2023

In a depauperate back alley
where a hand feels the cold brick
and the feeling’s like a cancer
no one strong enough to kick
when suddenly a penny
is lying face up in the sun
exactly like so long ago
a sight afar, eyes fall upon
The sleet no longer pelting
by command of some high God
try to keep your chin up
the warm begins to feel so odd
then fret begins to subside
as the sun begins to shine
and then I just remember
that your heart is glued to mine.
©2023 CBialczak Poetry

feel, penny, afar
keep your chin up


bird-island.jpg (1000×750)

KL Caley hosts this writing prompt weekly:

Her Creative Place

She stood, looking at the small island. How could it be that only years before it was her refuge still attached to the rocky shore she loved so much. She remembers sitting out there, as a child, under the willow tree, writing, drawing, and daydreaming about her future. Now the time was here and she was finally able to come back. She wanted to see if she could get that same creative feel if she sat under the tree again. But, to her dismay, there was now a path of water that wove its way between the land and the new island, making it impossible to cross unless wearing shorts and water shoes. She couldn’t remember water even coming up that high but with the rain increasing as a result of global warming, she assumed it happened without anyone even noticing. Maybe she would come back in the summer when the water wouldn’t be so ice cold. Nah, she thought to herself, it took me this long to come back and look what happened. By the time I come back again the whole island will probably be underwater with a dead tree laying on its side, limbs protruding above the surface of the water.

©2022 CBialczak Fiction


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Our photo this week is

beachwalk.jpg (1000×750)

Dennis stood on the balcony of his suite, looking out over the terrain that led to the beach. The beach didn’t look very busy today, but the sun wasn’t shining either. He thought he could take a taxi down to the landing and then walk on the beach. The resort concierge said there was a footpath down to the beach but it was a ten minute walk and Dennis didn’t feel up to it. A taxi ride would also show him more of the area, as they drove through town. That was it, he thought, and decided he grabbed his phone to call for the taxi.

©2022 CBialczak Fiction


KL Caley is the host!

The Retreat – Image by KL Caley

Back in the day
out in the wood
there was a small place
a place that was good
and in this nice place
where people did live
they gathered their wares
for something to give
they’d go right outside
and stand in the yard
throwing out food
it wasn’t that hard
the animals would come
and they’d eat all the treats
that was the extent
of the small family’s feats
they all stood there happy
to feed all around
Since during the winter
food couldn’t be found

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

#Writephoto: Tomb

The Tomb

KL posted a fantastic picture for this week’s prompt!

Rising slowly
above the mist
the corpse will come
he has a list
of those to visit
of those to haunt
like your uncle Paul
and then your aunt
and then he’ll go
and find you shaking
to see what kinds
of trouble you’re making
he’ll laugh and grin
and you will scream
like the ghosts of hell
in a real bad dream.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

#WRITEPHOTO – Emerging

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emerging-image-by-geoff-le-pard-1.jpg (750×1000)

High above the dusty ground
he came alive
without a sound.
He came to life
to hurt the one
to whom his soul did
wait upon.
The bricks and mortar
were no gate
to keep this raging
lover’s hate
For he had loved
but now he’s dead
Coming for some blood
to shed.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

#writephoto — Bandstand

Band Stand

You could hear the squeal of laughter as the children ran round and round the bandstand. In a few hours the grass surrounding the bandstand would be filled with checkered blankets laid out with wine and cheese. Despite the antsy behavior of the children a couple sat drinking in their own quiet solitude of the morning. The air was warm and the sun, hidden behind a thin layer of clouds, peaked through every few minutes as the wind moved them along the sky.

Time in the grass
waiting for the show
warmed by the sun
but shaded from the glow
children playing sprightly
while parents bide their time
Soon the music started
an evening so sublime

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©2021 CBialczak Poetry