Prompt Poetry

When I was younger, I went to school to become smart. I thought that getting smart was a rite of passage and that no one had to worry, it would happen. School was not hard for me, my body seemed to absorb knowledge, and offered me an oasis in a socially demanding environment. Now as an adult I wonder where they all are, all the kids that went to school with me. Did they get smart? Did they find it or did it find them? What about those who didn’t care? Do they care now?  

3TC; Body, School, Hard 

RDP; Passage 

Word of the day Challenge; Oasis 

Today’s Word of the Day is Nasty

As I sit here, listening to the quiet, white noise of the air purifier and the louder, snuffled noise of the dog snoring, I think about the time of day and the darkness outside. It is a nasty, rainy day here in New England. I suppose I should be happy it is rain and not snow. I am not sure why, but it seems that most people don’t want snow to come.