The Bird – The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #477

Thanks to Brenda for hosting:

The Bird

I’ve heard there’s a bird  
who was grim and was blue  
he didn’t have much  
that he liked to do.  
He’d dribble when drinking  
and groan with each bite  
Other birds stared with pity  
some knew he wasn’t quite right.  
From up in the tree top  
amongst leaves and debris  
the bird was disgusted  
and wondered how this could be.  
So with a smile and a shrug  
he acquiesced to his prowess  
he decided to figure  
to rid life of its foulness.  
Instead of his usual 
crying high in the tree  
he decided his bawling 
was in no way healthy 
with a ruffle of feathers 
and a flick of his beak  
up the treetop he went  
and he began there to speak 
It was inevitable that he  
got right to the tip  
done lamenting on faults 
his attitude did flip. 
He looked at the sky, 
and inhaled really quick  
and fell to the ground 
where the cushioning was thick.  
He ran to the edge 
of the forest he knows  
and screamed from his lungs  
He said “My old life blows!” 
So a new life began 
right there on the spot 
the bird he was smokin’ 
The new bird was hot. 
He had some new friends  
and he laughed and he played 
and with his new friends 
is the place that he stayed.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


Wordle #208

Coup de Foudre- “love at first sight”

Becky wished she had been alive during the Renaissance because of her love of classical philosophy. She loved the way people came together to meld literature and art. If she could have been there, she thought, she could have come away with gold embellished leggings as a souvenir. But for now, she held her thumb against the fabric of her nylon leggings, trying to tuck the tag back in.  

Becky was looking forward to her date that evening with Roberto. She had met him in the half empty train station, and it had been coup de foudre. She knew her best friend Jenna did not believe in “love at first sight.” That particular day Roberto had been standing in the ticket line that was coiled around the pillar in the station. He had been wearing a crisp, new polo shirt and Becky felt he looked sumptuous! If they had met during the Renaissance, they would have fallen in love just as quickly as they had that day. Becky loved that Roberto was as romantic as she was.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Wordle #474

This is one of my favorite prompts and I am on the road again so I fell asleep last night before getting to it!

A True Tale?

Once upon a time there was a ruthless leader who thought he could trump all the other rulers. He was a hypocrite of sorts, saying the country needs justice, but defiling all his democratic contenders. He was a sad man, not sorrow that would be felt for others, rather a pathetic sort of sadness that for whatever reason even his sycophants couldn’t see. When his blunders were made public he acted like a turtle, hiding in a shell, denying all wrong doings, until the anger came to an end and he could come out again without strain. He left his country feeling dead to the world, no longer the nation they were once proud of.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #473

Words:  face, flex, loon, tense, times, joy, bloom, moon, present, wrinkle, reflect, overcome

You can overcome

When times get real tense 
and joy seems so far 
remember your face 
and the person you are 

you’ll loosen some stress 
by the light of the moon 
If you flex your neck 
like the neck of a loon 

Try not to resist 
Feeling wind as it blows 
Seeing how the birds fly 
how a flower bloom grows 

Be present in life 
just a wrinkle in time 
Reflect on your blessings 
Overcome those sublime

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Wordle #205

Written for:

Vituperate- to use or address with harsh or abusive language; revile.

Their Love

I’m not really sure how it worked out but the words seemed to be in an order that worked for me.

It is a playful addiction 

One without time to lull 

Not given a clue 

Knowing nothing at all 

Just look at his swagger 

Watch her carve through the air 

It’s like she vituperates 

Without any care 

The distance they travel 

Unable to pinpoint a stop 

Gives them pure pleasure  

When they just want to drop 

The honey they find 

Is only playful, kind words 

They unravel their love 

Like the nest of a bird 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Wordle #199

Wordle 199

1. Floorboards
2. Creep
3. Morose
4. Stain
5. Dip
6. Saw
7. Singularity
8. Knight
9. Neck
10. Soar
11. Yo-yo
12. Claw

Written for minlove misery

Evil Knight

As I creep down the dark hallway, I pray the floorboards do not creek and give my location away. When I first saw the knight enter the great hallway, my first reaction was to dip into a crevice to keep myself hidden. I have heard that His Lord is morose and will try to break the neck of anyone who mistreats him. He solely believes in singularity, with his own self being the center of the universe.  

My feelings go back and forth like a yo-yo on a string. Do I present myself and take the consequences or do I remain hidden? My thoughts are soaring, and I feel like my heart is trying to claw its way out of my body. The deep stain of all the woodwork helps me remain unseen while I decide what my options are.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Wordle #198

Wordle 198

Rhathymia- carefree behavior; light-heartedness.

Written for mindlovemiserysmenagerie:

me, now

When I think about the future 

I often want to wipe out some memories 

Of days that were black 

Where my mind felt twisted 

Because I am here now 

My rhathymia has disappeared 

I feel like each day I am in a slump 

Modelsque for the grieving 

Unable to illustrate the depth of pain 

My body swaying with the waves 

Which have now defined my days

My lust is not sexual

My need for peace is my desire

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

MlMM Wordle 197

You can check it out here

Here are our words
Vox Populi- the voice of the people; popular opinion.
Blood Orange

In poppy Fields

Under the light of the Blood Orange moon, she walked, although still asleep, into the open field of poppies. She did not stumble in this place, for she knew it well. If she were awake, it would seem so eerie, but she never fully woke up.  

The villagers blamed the girl for the meteor that fell from the sky, landing in this place of Opium and dreams. Their vox populi was that of rejection and would surely take its toll on her fragility as their hatred could not fade.   

  • ©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Wordle #195

Written for mindlovemiserysmenagerie:

Wordle 195

Mom’s Birdbath

Betsy threw back the covers when she heard the bell. It was Lizzy’s bell on her bike. Lizzy was her best friend and had gotten a new ten-speed bike for her birthday. She insisted it still needed a bell, like a little kid’s bike. But Betsy was tired of laying here, so she welcomed the sound. 

Betsy was a pretty girl but born very fragile with many health issues. She tried to live as happily as she could, even though everything always hurt. It wasn’t just her joints though. She sometimes felt this burn underneath her skin that felt like fire. Despite her troubles, Betsy was sweet as sugar, with her golden curls and bright blue eyes.  

Before Betsy could get out the back door, she heard a crash.

“What in the world was that?” she asked aloud.

Swinging open the door she sees the Augean situation. Her best friend Lizzy had been trying to do a cartwheel in the front of the house but landed on mom’s bird bath instead.  

“Lizzy, what happened?” Betsy called out as she ran to Lizzy. 

Lizzy turned to look at Betsy. Lizzy furrowed her brow, at first wondering why Betsy looked so worried but then turned her attention back to her butt in the watery bath. Luckily Lizzy had risibility, making her laugh at her own carelessness. Betsy leaned over to give her best friend a hand to get up and out of the water. Both girls laughed and laughed.  

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

Fandango’s Friday Flashback

I posted this originally on January 26, 2020. I only went 6 months back because I haven’t hit the one year mark yet!


Jack’s Ring

From the top of the stone wall, Jack could see the crystal in the rock formation shimmering in the sunlight. The shining rock seemed to blink in the sun as the clouds moved slowly across the sky, blocking sunlight at small intervals. Jack could just imagine taking a piece of that crystal and mounting it on a beautiful gold ring for his soon to be fiancé.  

He started down the embankment, fixing his vision on the stone. Once he was able to chip off his portion, he would check to make sure it was clear enough and would still fit in the setting. He knew the tone of the gold would accent the gem and was sure Pam would love it.  

After leaving the jeweler, Jack headed toward the hotel’s lounge, knowing Pam was waiting for him. He could not believe his eyes when he saw Pam in her tight black dress and matching black pumps with the stiletto heels. He was so lucky to have this beautiful woman and was excited to ask her to take his hand in marriage.  

©2020 CBialczak