FOWC with Fandango: Paper


Paper is a product 

Used most every day 

By every man and child 

And then just thrown away. 

Do you know it comes from? 

Trees that grow quite tall 

But trees take years to get there 

Before they take that fall. 

If we keep on cutting 

The trees to make our stuff 

The animals will suffer 

For there won’t be enough. 

Please look at what’s happened 

On the far side of the world 

The trees are being burnt down 

Fires are unfurled.  

Koalas and our kangaroos 

Are dying one by one 

Fire fighters aren’t  

Having any fun.  

So, think about the outcome 

When throwing stuff away 

Is there a way to reuse  your stuff? 

We need our trees to stay!  

©2020 C Bialczak