Three Things Challenge #191


Written for: Thank you Di for hosting!

Why do babies find humor in putting pieces of food up their noses?
Is it because peas are a perfect fit?
Is it because yogurt is soft and smooth?
Is it because pretzel sticks go in just enough to still stick out?

I think it is the feeling they get when they see grown-ups smile.
I think it is the love they feel when a grown-up laughs.
I think it is because God put a hole so close to the mouth that things accidentally shift.

Kids are known for sticking crazy things up their noses. Step by step instructions for what to do when your child has something stuck up their nose.

©2020 CBialczak

Three Things Challenge: rattle, holiday, tone

Rattle, please?

Once upon a time 
there was a little boy 
who had a special wish 
for just one special toy. 

He asked to get a rattle 
for a holiday gift 
he never whined or begged, 
never made one riff.  

When holidays did come 
and toys were meant to share 
the little boy was happy 
no nasty tone, nor care. 

And so he got his toy 
because he was a gem. 
His house is full of toys 
he’ll share each one of them.  

©2020 CBialczak

Three Things Challenge: vet, poster, bag

A trip to the vet

When I bring the dog 

to the local vet 

They aren’t ready right away 

He sits, drool makes me wet.  

There is a poster hung 

Above the counter top 

It talks about the fleas 

And how to make them stop. 

I brought a little bag 

That has a bit of poop. 

Its here to do the testing 

It is a vicious loop.  

The money spent is plenty 

But I don’t mind a bit 

He is my little Poopsy 

My life’s most perfect fit.  

©2020 CBialczak


Three Things Challenge #38: my response Posted on October 21, 2019 by pensitivity101

Your words for today were precious, bottom, meek

For those who are meek and sit at the bottom of the well, listen to me speak and I will cast out my spell.

You are too precious to stay in a place dark and so dank. You must rise up above and straight out of that tank.

Show people your light for its shine is intense. Let people realize the option is opening the fence.

Open it wide and allow people in. The world loves our children and all women and men.

By Christine Bialczak

Three Things Challenge #35

Your final three things for the week are: personality, pimple, lead

There was a little fat man who laid upon his bed. He had a giant wrinkle and a pimple on his head.

He didn’t know what fun was, he always lacked in speed. He’d never won a race in life, he never took the lead.

One day he was so certain that he found a wife to love. He gave her all his money, a purple hat and glove.

Her personality was peaceful, her grace beyond divine. He knew one day he’d say to her, “I want you, be all mine.”

She’d say yes sir, I will, I do, I cannot live without. I love you too, we get along, a wedding without doubt.

He’d love that girl until he died, he’d never want to stray. She’d stay with him, as his wife, she’d never go away.

The little man he stayed real fat, his cake he loved to eat. The girl she loved to think about the day that they did meet.