Learning with kids: Things to do!

I have posted a few blogs and this morning saw this from Milwaukee With Kids. It confirms my posts but adds a whole lot of other ideas for staying home with kids and making learning fun!

Here are some other sites that might have a few new fresh ideas!
CuriOdyssey Science Playground: https://curiodyssey.org/activities/science-experiments-for-kids/?campaignid=290189299&adgroupid=61778963691&adid=274656931168&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhZr1BRCLARIsALjRVQMvoKhEenEKLqGnnc1Sr-7AOfILnHTtUil9Fh5hXBn_xKqAo0mRAHAaAsEKEALw_wcB
This site has activities for kids that focus on science and hands-on learning

Free Stem Activity Guide: https://www.invent.org/sites/default/files/2020-03/2020_STEMActivityGuide_Final.pdf
This guide has activities for science fun at home using things you find around the home. Most of the projects require things like glue, tape, scissors, and a ruler.

Freindzy.co: https://www.friendzy.co/friendzy-freebies?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhZr1BRCLARIsALjRVQMnJES5D-bEkCzrBaVj5L3Uv5Bga5XigTs3s2XO0VtiCmd8ocDIzysaAtH0EALw_wcB
This site has activities around writing, scavenger hunts at home, and exercises for you and the kids right in your own home, no extra equipment is needed!

Parade Magazine: 125 Things to do! https://parade.com/1009774/stephanieosmanski/things-to-do-with-kids-during-coronavirus-quarantine/
This article has some great ideas for sparking kids imaginations. Some of them, like building a cardboard fort, may require a few materials, but many are items you can find around the home. It has many links to sites, youtube videos, even an article on making elephant toothpaste! https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/make-elephant-toothpaste/

Staying at home without new ideas can lead to boredom and aggravation for parents who really do need to get adult things done. A lot of the sites and activities I have mentioned require minimal parental input (unless your kids are too small to do independent activities).

Have fun!