The Daily Spur Word of the Day: Apple

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My Love

The apple of my eye,
The pie in the sky,
My sun when it rains,
My sweet sugar cane.
I never knew  we’d meet,
You’re so awesome, so sweet,
You caught me by surprise
With that twinkle in your eyes.
Now our love has grown,
I no longer feel alone,
you fill my heart with glee
I love that you love me.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

Shadow: The Daily Spur

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Somedays it’s there
somedays it ain’t
Somedays it’s dark black
it looks like dark paint.
No one escapes it
Everyone can try
A shadow is scary
It makes scared people cry.
we don’t know who’s hiding
we don’t know how far
the darkness will get you
but it won’t leave a scar.

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

Western: The Daily Spur

Written for the daily prompt from The Daily Spur:

Heading West

When I was young and so naïve  
I listened to my folks.  
I found what they said I did believe  
Even though most of it were jokes 
The story of the wild west 
was fantasized by me 
I wanted a pony who was the best 
so I could just ride free 
I thought a cactus was spiky 
no matter what the kind 
I guess they are, or most likely, 
for those that you can find 
So, what’s the point of my rant 
when I am from the east 
I want to go, but find I can’t 
until I’m eighteen at least. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

***I realize I only used “west” instead of “western” but I figured it would fit since that is what the poem is about***

The daily spur

Today’s word is Shadows
Written for The Daily Spur:

My shadow

When I walk down the street 

She goes out with me too 

I cannot seem to go alone 

No matter what I do. 

When I wear red 

She insists on wearing black 

When I ask her to change 

She won’t cut me the slack. 

I don’t know where to turn 

Because she’s always there 

You think that we would fight 

She must think there’s no care. 

I have to try and talk 

To her before I leave 

Because I just want a break 

With no one on my sleeve.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Sock: The daily Spur

Written for the Daily Spur:


“Put a sock in it!”

“Shut up! You are such a jerk”

“You go tell mommy I’m being a big meany”

“I’m not telling mom anything. All I want is for us to get along”

“Yeah, well, that ain’t gonna happen”

“Why not? What’s wrong with being friends with me?”

Dude, you’re my brother. We aren’t supposed to get along until we are grown adults. Get used to it and check back with me in about ten years!”

©2020 CBialczak Fiction