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The Box

Cathy put her gloves back on, moved her kneeling pad to a new area of the garden, and began weeding a new section which would be perfect for her tomatoes. She had gotten most of the other areas clear and ready for planting. In a matter of months, she would be harvesting her own vegetables, not having to run to the market.  

When she had finally finished that area, she decided she’d had enough gardening for the day. She put all of her tools on top of the kneeling pad and carried them back into the garage. From under the workbench a sparkle of metal caught her eye. Getting down on her hands and knees, Cathy was able to see under the table and see it was an old Skeleton Key.  

“This has got to be the key to that box I found last fall in the shed,” she said to herself. Hurrying into the house, not realizing all the dirt she was tracking in from the yard, she ran into the living room. There, on the lowest shelf of the bookcase was that wooden box. She didn’t know what was inside of it, but now she would be able to finally solve this mystery.  

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#writephoto: Memory

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He knew if was here. If only he had drawn himself some sort of map! He didn’t think he would forget so easily.
It had been only two short years when they came to The Rocks. This was one of the well-known tourist spots, only out-of-towners don’t know the story behind the rocks.
Now, he would have to search, looking for some clue as to where he buried the box. He thought he had buried it under the “chin” of the rock’s face. Unfortunately, there was no evidence of ever being disturbed and he hated to be the first one to disturb this area.
If he found the box he would be able to go home, but if he didn’t he would die searching.

Headline: Man found at The Rocks, clutching wooden box. Death to be determined.

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