Tale Weaver – #268 – Medical – 26th March


This isn’t really a tale, it’s a poem. I think it still fits the challenge.

Let us heal

Let us put a bandaid 

Upon the world tonight 

Before we loss our loved ones 

Pain defines our plight.  

We hope to stick together 

To end this evil bug 

To bring the world some healing 

To find a useful drug.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/03/26/tale-weaver-268-medical-26th-march/

Tale Weaver – #261 – Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – Wizard – 6th February

Once upon a time there was a wizard. He lived alone in his castle, for he had no one to love. Each morning he would wake and go to his laboratory. He would mix a bit of this and a tad of that until he knew his mixture was perfect. He would lean over the mixture, breath in the vapors and make a wish. Now, nobody ever heard him wish for anything and no one knew he even wanted anything else in his life.

One day a young maiden with long, golden locks of hair happened upon his front stoop. “This is a lovely front stoop for such a dark and gloomy castle,” she said. She reached up to knock on the door when it swung open suddenly. The young maiden was so startled that she stumbled backwards, falling off the stoop and landing in the grass, just nearly missing the edge of the moat. The wizard, worried that the maiden was hurt, reached down to help her up.

The maiden took the wizards hand and allowed him to help her up from the grass. She quickly brushed the dirt and pieces of debris from her dress and glanced back to where she had landed. “My, I am lucky! I could have fallen in the moat and drowned! I don’t even know how to swim!”

The wizard smiled. “I would have saved you before you drowned.”

“Why would you have done that? Do you know how to swim?”

“I would have done that because it would have been my instinct to save you.”

With that, and some relief that she was safe, the maiden followed the wizard into his castle. She looked all around the great hall and noticed a table with a vase full of wildflowers. She noticed a soft couch with a colorful, hand-knit blanket neatly folded on the armrest. There was a desk for writing, a table for playing games, an easel for painting, and a mat for stretching in the morning. “This is a beautiful home you have,” the maiden told the wizard.

“It is just my humble abode. Would you care to stay?” the wizard asked.

“I would love that! I have been wanting to move out of my home, to gain freedom from my nasty stepmother and this is just what I was looking for!”

And so the maiden moved in with the wizard.

From that day on, the wizard awoke each morning and went to his laboratory. He would mix a bit of this and a tad of that until he knew his mixture was perfect. He would lean over the mixture, breath in the vapors and thank the Gods for his beautiful friend whom he loved very much.

The End

©2020 CBialczak


Tale Weaver #253: Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a land of castles. For as far as you could see, nothing but gigantic castles! In this land there were only two types of people, the owners and the patrons. The owners were able to own the castles because they were handed down generation after generation to family members. Sometimes it would happen that there was no one to hand their castle to, so the owners would pick one of their favorite patrons to become the future owner.

Each of these castles was unique. They all had rooms and hallways, courtyards and gardens, attics and creepy basements, but each was different because each castle was decorated to symbolize the family’s attitude.

Well, there was one castle that was always dark and spooky. All the patrons stayed in their rooms because they were too afraid to walk around the castle. Except when they came out for meals, no one talked to anyone else, so this castle was also eerily quiet. You may be wondering what family attitude is always so dark and gloomy and what did patrons do all day? That was the thing, no one knew why and no one was brave enough to ask. The patrons didn’t even know who owned their castle, all they knew was that there was always food to eat and a warm place to sleep at night.

It wasn’t until one of the male patrons decided to start looking around…