A Name A Day: Michael

I came up with the following idea based on a challenge #whatsyourstory by A Guy Called Bloke who suggested writing a tale using words found in the word tangled. I thought I would give it a try with my “A Name A Day” just to mix things up a bit. Let’s see how I do…

Michael’s Tale

Once upon a time there was a male baby born. This baby came from the Gods, as many babies did in those days, dressed in an outfit of white silk with a gold hem. This baby was given the name Michael and he was a calm little thing. Each day he grew and became older. When he was finally a young man people would see him walking the streets daily.  

Although he appeared lame on his right side, he was able to walk a mile each day! So, each day he would go on journeys and it was the claim that he would heal any person who asked him to do so. No matter what were to ail you, whether it be poison or maceMichael could bring calm to all around him. And to this day all people in that country shout “HailMichael!” when his name is mentioned.  

©2020 C Bialczak 

What’s your Story: Tangled

All you need to do is write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 300 words on the topic of “The Sprawling Legend’, using the words you find in the word ‘Tangled’.

The Sprawling Legend of Mr. Perfect

Back in the day there were many ladies but only one fine gent in a land full of problems. This gent would spend his day on the lane looking for buggies that had a dent. He lent his profession to his passion for perfection. It is the deal he made with a man one day that made him glad, hence this tale.  

One day, that was a tad bit chilly, this gent took his teal toolbox and set out to find some work. The wind started to nag him, with its blustery chill, but he kept going. “There is no dang way this cold is stopping me now!” he said to himself.   

The streets he navigated lead him to stand in front of an angel. He looked up at the angel, which was at an angle that hurt his neck, to see if this was a living thing or just a spirit. Along came another man, known for being a Dane, and asked the gent for help fixing the dent in his tan carriage. The two worked hard to get the dent out and they were eventually successful. The Dane decided to stay in town with the gent as they became friends.  

©2020 C Bialczak 

Fume: #writephoto

Through the trees we could see the thick smoke billowing up from what we believed was the medical camp. The lights from the camp illuminated the smoke, giving it an eerie glow that faded to gold as it moved farther from the source. We knew it would not be long before all that was left was a smoldering camp of burning ash, left to consume itself. The fire, started by faulty equipment in the medics’ quarters, had been burning now for over 24 hours, leaving not only the smoke as a reminder, but also the fumes, which left a strong smell of medical materials burning under the intense heat. We didn’t know if everyone had gotten out; it wouldn’t be known until after the fire extinguished itself. For now we sat and stared, knowing that so much has been lost, much aid that can not be replaced.

Tale Weaver #253: Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a land of castles. For as far as you could see, nothing but gigantic castles! In this land there were only two types of people, the owners and the patrons. The owners were able to own the castles because they were handed down generation after generation to family members. Sometimes it would happen that there was no one to hand their castle to, so the owners would pick one of their favorite patrons to become the future owner.

Each of these castles was unique. They all had rooms and hallways, courtyards and gardens, attics and creepy basements, but each was different because each castle was decorated to symbolize the family’s attitude.

Well, there was one castle that was always dark and spooky. All the patrons stayed in their rooms because they were too afraid to walk around the castle. Except when they came out for meals, no one talked to anyone else, so this castle was also eerily quiet. You may be wondering what family attitude is always so dark and gloomy and what did patrons do all day? That was the thing, no one knew why and no one was brave enough to ask. The patrons didn’t even know who owned their castle, all they knew was that there was always food to eat and a warm place to sleep at night.

It wasn’t until one of the male patrons decided to start looking around…

Three Line Tales: Week 202

As I headed home I could feel the icy shards, from the freezing rain, hitting the fragile skin on my bare face. I hoped my door would be open, or at least the doorman would still be working, as I forgot my key when I left earlier today. This would prove to be a very cold night, should I have to spend the evening on the streets, oh how I feel for the homeless in winter!

Rag Tag Daily Prompt: Sleep

As I lay awake and wonder, what is my purpose?

I find myself looking in all different directions trying to find the right way to go. Where do I belong? I find a path that seems to lead toward the sun. That is the path! I desire sun, warmth, a fresh breeze, without the noise of the city or the static of the television. I

This path that I am on is so peaceful. The air is the perfect temperature, the sounds are only those of nature. Where will this place lead me? I keep walking and finally see, up ahead of me, a clearing. What will be there waiting for me? Will it be a bird, sitting on a branch, whistling a tune? Will it be a squirrel, scampering across the grass, unsure of his own direction.

As I get closer I feel so much peace.
Then I stop in my tracks. What is this?

What?! I didn’t want to wake up right now! I want to go back to sleep!
Who decides when a dream has come to an end?

The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 433

Girl on fire

There she is lecturing me, like my life is a story that she cannot stomach, and I listen, trying to choke down the last few bites of my pasta. She apparently always has to feel like filling the space with talk, even though I try to enjoy the people watching. My hunger had been satiated bites ago but I am unsure of what we will do when the meal is done. I really should draw the line with her and tell her I am not open to this type of lecturing. On what grounds does she have to judge me and tell me how to live? She acts like her life is free of all sin. I would love to fly out of here on the broom she makes me feel like I have, that or jump from this high-rise window! I am not mean, not a witch at all, just a girl on fire, wanting to move ahead in this world! 

Three Line Tales Week 201

As she sat near the tracks, waiting for the gush of wind from the coming train, she wondered if people before her had sat in this same spot, waiting for the same gush of wind. She knew she would have to move quickly, once she heard the train approach, but for now she enjoyed the freedom to sit and wait. As the moment ticked on she started to feel the rumble of the coming train and started to hear the scraping of the metal wheels along the metal rails, and she began to wonder what it would be like to not move, to not worry about another day, to see the people before her.