Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces, 11 April 2020

Our words this week are:

– rough and gentle

– same and different

Written for:

Save Me

Rock me gently in the rough waters. 

Lead me to shore before I drown. 

Lay me on the sand that shimmers like diamonds. 

Talk to me softly to rouse me from sleep. 

Cover my body with the same warmth you possess, 

For my body is different, it is cold.  

Save me now before I drift away forever.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Mad About Metaphor

– The idea was difficult to swallow.

I have had this writing prompt in my “saved drafts” folder. I have no idea where to start or what to write. I even thought to myself, do you even remember what a metaphor is? Of course I did! I’m a teacher and do you know how many lessons I have given on metaphors? My problem was that I didn’t want to write some silly poem with metaphors that didn’t work or write a short story with metaphors that didn’t fit. Writing using metaphors was an idea that was difficult to swallow.