Blogging A to Z April Challenge: O 04/17/2020

Overkill – How much is too much?

Times are changing and with COVID-19 things are completely new to almost everyone when it comes to education! Schools have switched to virtual learning and parents are concerned about all of the schooling their children are missing. This is a concern for parents, educators, administrators, politicians, everyone. The one thing you don’t want to do is cause unnecessary stress.

What is overkill? According to Webster overkill is “excessive use, treatment, or action; too much of something.” So what does this have to do with your kids? Don’t make missing education at school feel like a terrible punishment. None of these kids asked for this and most kids want to go to school, especially to see the other kids and adults they are used to seeing. When kids are home, if they are doing the work that has been assigned, yes encourage other types of learning, but don’t force tons of extra learning because you will overdo it and have learners shut down.

Kids brains are sponges. These sponges love knowledge. If the sponge is full, the sponge can’t hold anymore at that time, until it “dries out” a little. Learning and education should be a positive experience. Is it always positive or fun? No. But as the parent or guardian, you don’t need the stress nor do you need to impart that stress on the learner in your home. Learning will happen. Encourage it. Make it fun. Reinforce learning. Reward positive behavior.

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