Simply 6 Minute Reblog

Thank you Lisa for your contribution! I’m still chuckling….

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Oh, my god… what did you do to Brutus?  Just LOOK at him!  He hates it, take it off!  Yes, he does, look at his eyes, he hates it.  Stop laughing; he knows you’re laughing at him.  It’s humiliating. Dogs can to get humiliated!  Come here, Brutey. 

Is that MY sweater?  You cut the sleeves off MY sweater to put on the dog?  Why?  What is wrong with you?  I liked that sweater ever if you didn’t. 

Just between the two of us, he looks like an idiot.  I’d never let HIM know it though.  Now, take that off him, and STOP TAKING PICTURES!  What are you going to do with them?   What?  NO!   You can’t post them on Instagram!  Brutus has a dignified social media presence!  You will RUIN his reputation! 

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frosted spring — like mercury colliding…

it was a warm breeze that fooled me into thinking it was spring…how I celebrated her first blush; wild flowers dancing in a velvet ocean of green, but I was overcome with fever; it was all a lie… morning’s icy breath lingered too long and the dazzle died ~kat Magnetic Poetry Online (Poet Kit)

frosted spring — like mercury colliding…

I had to share this as it is what my mind has said so many times!