Quadrille #93: Spirit

Your Spirit

Before birth it is there, 
in the heavens waiting. 
After death it resumes its place 
amongst the other spirits who 
have also gone. 
It will remain there  
until all of it’s world is together 
in one natural place 
living solely in peace 
united forever.  

dVerse – Quadrille #91 – keep

Kim from Writing in North Norfolk is today’s host of dVerse.  Kim says:
This week I’d like you to take any meaning, form or compound of the word keep, and write a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting your title), including the prompt word.

My sleeping beverage 

When I go to sleep 

I often like to keep 

Water by my side 

My mouth feels very dried. 

The water that I pour 

Is not like those before 

It has a little twist 

A sort of liquid mist. 

Do you get my gist?  


This week, I’d like you to quench our thirst for poems by playing with the word quiver.

I quiver and shake at the sound of the bike

as he pedals along next to me.

I don’t know his name nor do I like

the things that he says I will be.

I pedal my trike and just set my soul free.