Winter Be Gone!

Lillian is hosting d’Verse Poet’s Pub writing challenge:

The rules: It’s Prosery Monday at dVerse: the prompt where we write prose based on some given lines of poetry. It can be flash-fiction or creative non-fiction; cannot exceed 144 words in total (sans title); must not be poetry (no versification, line breaks, metre, etc); and must include the poetry line given as the prompt, word for word, within the prose.

“I wandered lonely as a cloud”

Resting Heart

Against the cream colored sky
Wafts of white descend
Softly caressing green hills
Swaying in the gentle breeze. 

“I wandered lonely as a cloud”
Slowly gliding along
Across fields of green grass
Prickling my skin.

I look for you in the shadows
Wondering if you are near
Hoping to catch a glimpse
Of love for me, in your eyes.

Winds pick up the scent
Of sweet lilacs
Blowing a delicate scent,
melancholy weighing down the blooms.

Time passes, skys darken
Smiles turn to tears
The sun settles below the branches
Of the pines along the base of the hill.

My mood changes
My eyes look forward, 
Ahead of me
Space as empty as my mind.

Clouds drift across a moon
Glowing in the dark sky
Guiding my strides
In the direction of home.

For me, 
Home is peace,
Peace is love,
My heart rests.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Prosery: Telescope of time

For d’Verse Poets Pub:

The Visit

We were going to meet him again. We hadn’t seen him since we were kids. He was so mean, grouchy, and just seemed like a monster. How could a man like that be the father of someone like our dad? 

Debbie and I walked slowly up the walkway. We could see the curtains move in the window; he must have been keeping an eye out for us. As we got to the door, it opened slowly. 

Standing in the door was a little man, barely five feet tall.  

“Debbie, Michael, it is so good to see you. It has been so long since I have seen any of my grandchildren!”  

Debbie and I looked at each other and smiled. He was just a sweet old man. ‘We look at him through the wrong end of the long telescope of Time’.  

“Hi Grandpa!” we said. 

©2020 CBialczak Fiction


Today Merill hosts at dVerse Prosery the prompt where we write prose no longer than 144 words that has to include a given sentence from a poem.

“when it is over said and done
it was a time
and there was never enough of it.”

Which comes from the poem “A Time” by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, You may punctuate as you wish but you are not allowed to change the order of the words or inserting more words.

August 17, 2020

My reflections

Looking at life, as it goes swiftly by, there are times that have come and gone, some of which I would beg to come back. Losing my husband then losing my son, were the worst days of my life. Now my life continues, and love has found me this time. My heart breaks for what I lost but also swells with hope for the future. I want to love again and be loved again. I still have people to love and show my love to. Tragedy is just that, tragedy. It reminds us to not take life for granted and to hold precious those moments when we are with people we love.  We don’t know what God has in store for us for our lives and “when it is over, said and done, it was a time and there was never enough of it”. 

©2020 CBialczak

dVerse: ‘There are moments caught between heart-beats’.

Camille sat and watched the monitor. With each blip and tick, evidence of life was displayed on the screen. She wasn’t sure how long she sat, watching the lines, but knew it was doing no one any good to fixate and watch the squiggles, not sure what to be watching for.  

It had been two full weeks of this. In and out of consciousness, awareness to complete loss in moments. Was it the medication or the body dictating the continuous beat of the heart? She would only know what was in her heart, hoping he wanted to live, knowing death would be easier.  

So, there she sat, hoping for a future, moments caught between heart-beats, hoping that the will to live would dominate. Unfortunately, at this point she may never know. Words are no longer easy to hear, through the pounding in her chest.  

©2020 CBialczak


dVerse: Prosery: Between Heartbeats

Wishing away the universe 
looking for a direction to take 
Life decides alone.  

You may hope for assistance 
but will be reminded 
the choices are prepicked. 

Enjoy what you are given 
it can be lost too easily 
and will be missed. 

There are moments caught between heart-beats 
looking for the entity 
in which to preside. 

Follow what you will 
it is solely your choice 
how to handle the hard times. 

We wonder what the point is 
to the madness we feel 
and the touch we desire 

It is meant to handle carefully 
But with distinct precision 
to guide your future self. 

Hope for positivity 
promote the good  
You will have an effect 

Find strength in truth 
hope in faith 
love deep in the soul. 

Only you can 
walk the road ahead 
looking for the pot of gold. 

©2020 CBialczak



Prosery 1/20/20: “The Rock cries out…”

Tribute to a King

The Rock cries out to us today,    
“Rejoice in the memory of a legend.” 

Very few men will influence our country, as he. 
No individual should try to be superior 
to someone who so openly loved others. 

You may stand upon me, but please do not  
squash me or my memory. 
Find comfort in being as good as he. 

It is with pride that we may remember  
to be kind to all people 
no matter their race or color. 

Be proud to be kind, be happy to be strong 
in your beliefs.  
be open to diversity. 

Embrace change, encourage acceptance 
But do not hide your face. 
There is no shame in doing what is right. 

We must take pride in honor 
and teach those younger and less wise 
what it means to be human.  

Take pride in knowing  
you always do the right thing.  

©2020 CBialczak