Have you ever lost a child?

Have you ever lost a child?
Have you had to say goodbye to a being that had nothing but love for you?
Have you ever had to think of all the things that still needed to be done?
Have you ever said that only a child should bury a parent, never the other way around?

If you have ever lost a child
you wouldn’t care
what they looked like,
what clothes they wore,
what lovers they had, or
what made them happy.
You would love that they were alive.

I would take my son back
no matter what choices he ever wanted to make
no matter what mistakes he ever made
no matter how many times he messed up.

Think about it.
Why hate a person while they are alive
when you can’t do anything but cry
when they are gone?

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Written for dVerse poets pub: Pride: https://dversepoets.com/2020/06/16/dverse-poetics-on-pride/

Pride: dVerse Poet’s pub


Our world

When we are born 
we are blessed if we have 
two arms and two legs, 
ten fingers and ten toes. 

When a baby is born  
missing one of the essential parts 
of what we consider normal 
Do we ridicule it? 
Do we say we no longer want it? 

For some this may be so 
but for those of us 
living in modern, civilized times 
we know better. 

When we are born  
we have white skin, brown skin or yellow skin 
we have skin in all shades and colors. 
We have eyes in all shades and colors. 

When a baby is born 
a different color than its siblings or parents 
a different shade of what you imagined 
is that a mark of deformity? 
Do we ridicule this baby for looking different? 
Do we say we no longer want it? 

For some this is so 
but for the ones who have compassion 
and love in their hearts 
they don’t see a shade different. 

When someone loves us 
Do we say it is bad to love? 
When someone looks up to us 
Do we say it is bad to admire? 

We may differ by actions 
but it is only actions  
that make one human 
different than another.  
Who are we to judge which is better?  

If we were sent to this world 
to hate 
to hurt 
to ridicule 
to ostracize 
we wouldn’t have a world here to be in.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Written for dVerse Poets pub: https://dversepoets.com/2020/06/16/dverse-poetics-on-pride/

stance: Word of the day for February 25, 2020

stance , n :
The manner, pose, or posture in which one stands. One’s opinion or point of view. A place to stand; a position, a site, a station. (specifically, climbing) A foothold or ledge on which to set up a belay. (Scotland) A place for buses or taxis to await passengers; a bus stop, a taxi rank. (Scotland) A place where a fair or market is held; a location where a street trader can carry on business. (obsolete, rare) A stanza.

Poem to a US Vet

Take a stance 

Head up high 

Let them know 

You are their guy 

Don’t show fear 

Hide your pain 

You are great 

It’s not in vain 

You deserve 

All that you get 

Show your pride 

You’re a US Vet.   

©2020 CBialczak