Sick Fernando: Compilation May 21, 2022

Once an exemplar man, a tempest to the core
Fernando was a techno fan, loved pyro even more!
Shutting down his internet, pallor in his eyes
Going out today, he thought, wasn’t very wise
But shop ahead he did, and scanned his products well
Involving the shop manager by ringing a small bell
Feeling so unwell, the man he took the hint
For in a sickly moment, to the toilet he did sprint.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

#TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 274, 5/17/22 #Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt

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This challenge explores Ekphrastic poetry, inspired by visual art or photographs. David, from the Skeptic’s Kaddish, provided the photo for this month’s challenge.

Reach (a mirror nonet)

keep going until you feel complete
infinite possibilities
dreams turn to reality
endless places to go
imagine yourself
see beyond now
open eyes
open eyes
see beyond now
imagine yourself
endless places to go
dreams turn to reality
infinite possibilities
keep going until you feel complete
©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Keep Reaching (a tanka poem)

When you feel limits being reach
there are endless possibilities beyond
Remember to keep going for there is no stop
©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Dessert – May 9, 2022 Compilation

Sitting on a high back stool, shifting all my weight
I’m waiting for my custard pie, I spin to face the plate
My chair is too low to reach the food, looks iffy anyway
I leave my seat and bite my lip, regretting my long day.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

My Life – A compilation May 6, 2022

As a pedestrian here, alone on my way
home to my condo on this glorious day
I think to myself in my tirade of thoughts
all of my nots and all of my oughts
My old house was cobalt, a bright brilliant blue
splashed with a strange yellow-orangey hue
I’d comment some more on the relics inside
Since I honestly have nothing to hide
But to bore you to death is not what I think
So I’d rather you sit and relax with a drink
I used to think I was the center of earth
Entitlement was the sum of all of my worth
My apartment was grand but empty as hell
The rest of my tale, I might as well tell
I had no love life, apart from my cat
An old catty man-child, or something like that
My cooking was sparse, take out boxes abound
That sat on my table, since no one’s around
The laundry was dirty, except for the socks
No one wants dirty feet, or feet cut on the rocks
Of the path that leads here and to other homesteads
I could continue my tale, but will go home now instead.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

May Visual Poetry Prompt

Bartholomew Barker from Living Poetry is the host:

Sweet child on the hill
Do you know you are great?
With warm breezes you sit
Nature will stay and wait.

Sweet child on the hill
Watch the birds fly high
Catching the wind
Under their wings, they fly

Sweet child on the hill
Hold your memories tight
Flowers, sunshine, warmth
Be bathed in Spring’s delight.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Haibun Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Donna is the host of this Go Dog Go Cafe prompt:

Your prompt this week is to write about the season you are in and something you do during that season. Go where the prompt leads.


Time to water and watch buds bloom. In a new place this year where new plants are popping up everywhere. The birds and squirrels eagerly look for nourishing treats.
Enjoying the warm
Evening breezes delightful
Smell the Earth’s perfume
©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Wine: Poetry Compilation May 2, 2022


Can anybody juxtapose
the difference between
a flush of cheeks or blush of wine
or what they really mean?
The crimson that is found in wine
is caustic to the fruit
The winery can tell you how
it isn’t easy to compute
But diligently waiting
I listen to the man
like a mushroom on a rotted stump
where the sunlight doesn’t span
I find out what it’s made of
this wine I drink so fast
I barely even notice
how much time has really passed.
I rise up to my feet and say
thank you for the wine
And thank you for the lesson
My time with you was fine.

©CBialczak Poetry

What do you see?

Sadje is the host:

A Man

You only see my color
not my insides, not my brain
I pray that you will listen
but my praying is in vain
I’m worth more than you give me
I’m worth more than you get
I’m just another person
How could you forget?
When God put me before him
I was a person with a heart
But now that he’s not here
I’ve had to find a place to start
For God is with us always
And it was in his plan
To make us all remember
It’s not the color, it’s the man.

©2022 CBialczak

#AtoZChallenge 2022 – April 29 (X, Y, and Z)

I signed up for this challenge and have used “random” as my theme. Most of my posts have been poetry of some sort. You can find them all below. I found it here:

Random Thoughts – ©2022 CBialczak

I am finishing up to Z because it is almost the end and if I don’t do it now, I will miss it.


I am extremely excited to exercise my writing by expressing my exasperation in the extent of examples I have extracted from my existing expertise.
(OK, that is -ex- but I had to….)

Y – Yadu Poetry


Summer coming
Warm winds bring love
Nothing matters
Feelings ernest
Being together makes anxiety rest.

Warmer weather
Suns up early
Earth comes alive
Growth can thrive here
Enjoy each moment that you can bear. 


Zombies and Zebras
Zygotes and Zoos
No big surprises
No big who’s-whos
Simply a zealot
Zippy with zest
Like a zodiac sign
we all hope for the best

From the beginning
Include each letter in order
Poetry exists.

Thank you for reading my poetry A to Z!!


The rest of the alphabet!


As I sit and ponder
another day of writing
and think of all I have done
as far as writing is concerned
a thought comes to me
as clear as day
an idea I guess
a poem a day perhaps?


Below blue billowing balloons
bisque-ware bakes before being
bathed by brushes bearing bright
bronze backgrounds boasting
beautiful blurry bedlam
beneath bedazzled brilliance.

C – Catch Me

Catching raindrops from the sky
Catch a glimpse of birds who fly
Catch a ball that flies through air
Catch a breeze blown through your hair
Catch me looking straight at you
Catch you looking at me too

D – Possibilities

Did you ever wonder what it’d be like
to discover the oceans’ deepest caves?
to fly to the farthest star known to man?
to walk in the same roads your ancestors walked?
to run faster than the wind?
to see beauty in the ugliest of pictures?
to hear a whisper on a busy, city street?
to taste the richness of the Milky Way?
to be happy with who you are right now?
Did you ever wonder what is possible?

E – A Haiku

Enclosed within reach
Love for you will never fail
I am always here

F – Four

Frankie, Felicia, Fiona and Fred
found themselves in one small, double bed
Fiona was cramped up next to the wall
Fred found his feet had no room at all
Frankie was happy ’cause he had the most
Felicia was sweaty like good buttered toast
The four of them slept, they slept good and hard
No noise nor the cat could get anyone jarred
They slept in the morning ‘for the day got too hot
And they never complained ’bout the small spot they got.

G – Gwawdodyn: Poetic Forms

Poetic Forms (


Georgie G was a good little boy
Who loved his car, his favorite toy
He loved going past his mom real fast
Because seeing her laugh brought him joy

H – Huitain: Poetic Forms

Huitain: Poetic Forms (

Killing the world

Chemicals spill from the rooftops
The rain catches of all this junk
Pesticides kill all of my crops
My floating lotus is now sunk
A poacher walks around like a punk
Nobody cares anymore what dies
Sea turtles full of plastic gunk
The government is telling us lies

I – Interlocking Rubaiyat: Poetic Form

Interlocking Rubaiyat: Poetric Form (

Be Mine

Blue Bells and Dahlias are beautiful things
Like halos and diamonds and all other rings
They are not easy to come by, no, but yet
They’re better than bug bites or painful bee stings.

Now that I’m here and I’ve got my mind set
I’m going to wager a quite biggish bet
That flowers will bloom and diamonds will shine
And using a hose wrong will get me all wet

For now I will sit and drink my white wine
And chat with my hubby that I feel just fine
We’ll talk and might kiss, but just for a bit
And watch the sun set and he’ll say that he’s mine

J – Jumbled

Just a jumbled up old mess
my room is getting dark
I like it here I must confess
but not when it is stark.
I like my clothes strewn round the room
hanging off my chair
I even have a ziploc bag
full of my own hair.
When people come around me now
they know what not to say
I like my mess and this is how
my room and I will stay.

K – Kids

The Cat in the Hat was back again he loved his friendly kids
He knew their mother was not keen on what they usually did.
But despite the mothers sternest face the kids and cat had fun
The kids knew the poor cat’s to blame, he really was the one
He’d bring in toys and games and food, enough for a whole day
But like he told the mom each time, he’d put it all away.
She went to work and they had fun, they played with every toy
And when she got back home again, it was moms good girl and boy.
the house was clean, the kids were fed, the whole place looked real nice
Mom saw what the cat had done, thinking his childcare would suffice.

L – Sticky Liza

Like a lispy lizard
Liza licked her lips
Licking up the ice cream
the cone was making drips
It dripped on down her nighty
her lingerie of sorts
But to the bed she’d fallen
not making much efforts
then she woke up sticky
which Liza loved the best
She’d re-lick all the sticky
Just imagine all the rest.
The cotton got all bunchy
and in her throat it sat
Then she coughed a hairball
just like her tabby cat.
The hairball was disgusting
just full of fuzz and dirt
but now that she was clean again
she put on a new shirt.

M – Miss Mandy May

Miss Mandy May
Had a crappy day
She had a tire flat
she can’t drive like that!
She had a broken nail
She didn’t get her mail
She stepped in doggy poo
She thinks she has the flu
She got to work too late
Her boyfriend broke their date
She wants to go to bed
All she feels is dread
For now she stays at work
She knows she’s not a jerk.
So now Miss Mandy May
will work her day away!


Nine lives
Nice day
Not now
New shoes
Never ever
Night owl
Nip ‘n tuck
Nail polish
Nasty ass
Nobody’s home
Nighty night!

O – Ode

Odes address a specific person, thing, or event. The ode is believed to have been invented by the ancient Greeks, who would sing their odes. Modern odes follow an irregular pattern and are not required to rhyme.

When I think of who I am and where I am right now
I think of all the things I do, and then I think of how
I use my words to write and sing and share myself with you
Clay and fabric and some wood create the picture too.
I make the items that I see in my own mind and soul
Enjoying life and passing time really are my goal.
So I sit and wait until the inspiration flows
Creativity dampens none, it’s in me I suppose.

P – Plead (

I sit here and beg
I sit here and plead
I vow to be strong
but what if I bleed?
Do I have to be willing?
Do I have to agree?
Are you able to see
That this is me being me?


The queen’s quest was to quickly question qualified quarterbacks in their quest for quiet yet quizzical quails.

R – Rictameter Poem – Routine (

Keep life simple
Plan a beautiful day
Enjoy your day with those you love
Thankful for all that God has given you
Make your life easy and cheerful
Find time to love your life
embrace the day

S The Cat in the Hat FanFiction

The Cat in the Hat thought the day would be fine
The kids were in on it too
They wanted to find all the things with an “S
Like a stamp and a skirt and a shoe.
They looked in the cellar ’cause it sounded like “S
but were surprised to find only the dark
They looked at the ceiling fan spinning around
when they thought they saw the switch spark.
The Cat had decided to go to the park
outside would be a nice change
But snow was falling and the kids got too cold
The day would be rearranged.
The kids asked the cat if swimming would work
but the Cat said the ice was too thick
They told the Cat that they’d break the ice
their dad had a thing like a brick.
The Cat just laughed hard, he knew it was cold
and the snow would be freezing the ground
In the end they decided to stay in the house
where silence is what they all found.

T – terrify (


U – Update (thank you word generator!)

No instant recalls
no debates
just the facts
as they relate
Some random thoughts
at any rate
Heres my daily
life update.

V – Village

It takes a village, if not two
to do the things we try to do
when kids are young and need to learn
how to spend and how to earn
What to buy and what to sell
Teach it all, you might as well
When they grow, they’ll grow up right
But it won’t happen overnight.
They may wander, they may fall
You tried your best over all.

W – Weakness

Tommy Tucker from down the street
came to our house so he could eat
His mother couldn’t cook a soup
His hunger flowed in a constant loop
The weakness of the house it seems
was mom and dad were not on teams
they did their things for one not all
And Tommy Tucker took the fall
He was always hungry and never clean
His parents weren’t even mean
They just felt they had much to much
Of grownup chores to do and such.