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Since I am on a One-Word Poem kick, here goes….
Well, first let me “thank” Fandango for such an obnoxiously difficult word!
This poem makes nearly no sense at all, but given the limited words and letters it is all I could come up with!

My Bio

I don’t want to be a snob  
my boss is so obnoxious  
He wants me to cry and sob  
When he tells me “take a bus”  
I know that very soon  
I will see in the sun  
The heat’s a helpful boon  
I learned that from my son.  
So get out of that box  
And hold the little nub  
Of horn right on that ox  
Instead of reins, this sub. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Obnoxious: Word of the day Challenge


This is…

What is more obnoxious than…….

  • telemarketers calling but leaving no message?
  • a group of people stopping right in front of you at the mall, oblivious that you are now part of the group?
  • a toddler screaming for no reason except that they didn’t get what they wanted?
  • ordering take-out and getting it home only to see that they made your meal wrong?
  • going to the store for one thing and coming out with a load of items but NOT the one thing you went in for?
  • having a craving for something sweet but having not one treat in the house?
  • finally finding a favorite brand and then they discontinue it?
  • a little kid screaming and the adult screaming even louder to shut them up? (like that will ever work?!?!?!?)
  • waiting for the mail only to find junk mail and supermarket flyers?
  • needing two eggs for your recipe but you only have one?
  • not having staples when you only needed one?