A dishonest man

Whether brazen or bold he just couldn’t see
The result of his actions, the casualty
He found snags like a magnet without any fear
He let it roll of his shoulders never shedding a tear
The stopgap type changes he so willingly made
Were espousal techniques, repetitions to trade
Without any fears to stop him dead in his tracks
Made his old, nosy neighbors turn their crookedly backs
He had enough money, kept an account that he sees
As a way of avoiding all those included fees
So now that it’s known that he had no real clue
He got what was coming, what they say he was due. 

©2023 CBialczak Poetry

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Monkey Faces: Compilation 5/20/2022

Many, many years ago I had a house up north
the kids lived in a frowzy place, not knowing all its worth
The hubby was quite fractious, not towards family per se
but found the home distinctly packed with linens all astray
He sought a way to shock me into cleaning up my mess
To my surprise he shared the things he saw despite the stress
the pareidolia in the wood were monkeys pouncing round
His gasconade about his view I proved completely sound
For there among the dirt and dust and knots all in the pine,
were monkey faces all around, not reflections of any kind.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

This poem is based on a true story. First of all, the monkey faces: One night we had been sitting talking and Bob, my late husband, asked me in astonishment if I saw the monkey faces. I had no idea what he was talking about, thinking maybe he had imbibed in a few beverages. After trying to explain it and show me, I did see them! Monkey faces in the grain of the wood floor. Second, ever since I was younger, when I get super stressed out I clean. I would clean everything and then feel better sitting back looking at an organized, clean space. Once, Bob told me that sometimes he would try to get me mad so that I would clean! We laughed about it, actually.

Leaving Town: Today’s prompt compilation

I was feeling particularly cynical
when it came to
my life
Elegant cars, grand parades
But a melodramatic wife
We lived on the edge
of a town that we knew
the businesses useless
and irrelevant too.
We seemed quite unfit
in the roister found here
As wifey was reticent
As was I, to be clear
Like a carbuncle found
on the butt of a lad
The accessories here
were like some awful fad
We didn’t fit in
like a gold mirror tray
on a gold silk blanket
with tulle
all astray.
So we loaded the car
for a much needed change
we drove out of that town
it was all really strange.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Well, that was a doozy! Here is where I got all my words:

Garbage Picker: My compilation, April 25, 2022

Garbage Picker

As outrageous as it is
I went along with her
following the mystery
the rest of its a blur
I felt just like a thief
a protagonist of sorts
digging through the refuse
thinking of the courts
and how to solve the problem
of going through the trash
like zealous little creatures
wanting mustard for their hash
I tried to share her disport
I tried to share the fun
but looking in the garbage
I was glad when it was done.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Clean Puppy: Sunday Compilation 4/24/22

In an uncanny way
I saw the big dog shrink
Ensconced in a blanket
as he fell into the sink
no conniving as he sat there
the scent of soap so strong
like a fizzy soda
or the loud sound of a horn
Recognizance was not there
for he was a truthful mutt
strange that he was wrapped up
in an unusual rut
So he jumped out of the blanket
and up out of the sink
A clean and shiny puppy
is all that I could think.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Friday 4/22/22 Compilation

Feeling the need to complete so many prompts and challenges has led me to my combining them. Here is todays:


Starting on a brand new book my fingers start to dance
looking for purposeful words, not writing them by chance
the words however stand alone, all lonely, voiceless words
and like the letters on the wind, they fly away like birds.
To start I use the majuscule, to show that I am game
but illness puts a hold on me, I swallow just the same.
Words used to flow like drops of rain on velvet shouldered coats
Now they fly, not solitary, in dusty groups of motes.
So with my pen I push my hand to get the words to flow
When they do not I simply place my pen down and I go.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Daily Compilation: Unknown Traveller

This is written for the following:

It wasn’t ’til October that the young man came to town
They described him as a gangster, he’s more like a tall clown
He wore a soft sombrero that later became a rag
the pathos that described him, they said he was a drag
Discrimination flowed not welcoming this poor soul
But thanks to other people, they let him play his role
In bringing much more pleasure to those both far and near
The glee that he emitted was shown from ear to ear.
No one minded that he stayed until he had to go
“When will you be back again?” the people want to know.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry