FOWC with Fandango: creative

I typically write a poem with the word, sometimes a fictional story. Today I am going to share my new hobby, constructing miniature kits. What are those you ask? Well, they are little rooms, buildings, scenes, etc. where everything is scaled down, about 1:27, so things are tiny! My first one was a coffee shop.

So yes, it is creative!

I then completed tiny scenes that come in these little tin cases, almost like what Altoids come in.

Once I was done with these, which I enjoyed making but not as much, I completed a Christmas Eve room. The reason I didn’t enjoy making the little tins as much is because everything is so, so small, you almost can’t enjoy it. Where does this obsession come from? I love mini things. Almost anyone who knows me knows that I adore tiny, mini renditions of real items.

So…continuing with being creative, Lindsay, my daughter, bought me a new kit, a greenhouse, for Christmas. I have been working on it for a few days. Here are some preliminary pictures of some of the items I have made.

So, thank you Fandango for the word.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing the kits completed. Perhaps you are motivated to try one? Contact me for pointers, I have learned a few tricks and tips that make things work a bit better.