The Sandman’s Q and A

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What would you say is a truly great black and white movie? Not really having watched many black and white movies I honestly will admit, in public, that the beginning of the Wizard of Oz is great.

If you could live in any home on a television series, which one would it be? The Jetsons. I love that everything is on hand and moving about the community is only a button away.

How do you feel about touchy-feely people? My first thought: Please don’t touch me, you might have germs. But then: If I know you and you want a hug, no problem. If you are a baby, touch away! If you are elderly, I understand that you may want to touch my hand as you speak, to ensure I am listening to you. If you are sick, yeah, touch me some other time.

Thanks for the fun of the questions!