November 5th, 2020

I picked Gratitude to write about for the month on November. I missed a few days but life goes on…


On this day, 11/05/2020, I am thankful that I had such a good, caring, loving mother and that I can remember her and see some of the pictures from her life. She passed away in December of 1994 so it has been quite a long time. I don’t remember everything but I can pick out moments and remember her, what she said, etc. I can’t really remember her voice. Everyone loved my mom. She did so many things (must be where I get it from!). She reupholstered furniture, sewed everything from Halloween costumes to prom dresses to stuffed Christmas trees for the holidays. She used to make these really neat ornaments out of egg shells. My cousin still has a few. She would somehow take just a little oval of the shell off and clean out the shell. Then she would put a little scene inside the shell (guess maybe that is where I get my mini-stuff fascination). Next she would dip the outer side of the entire shell in glitter. Finally she would put a little piece of decorative ribbon around the hole in the shell so it was almost like a little picture window.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a wonderful, talented, loving mother like I did. I wish everyone did! I was very fortunate, and for that I am very grateful!

©2020 CBialczak

Haibun: Gratitude

The beauty of the future is greater than any concern that might emerge. The days continue and it all begins to feel normal, like a ritual you were made to participate in. Still, the concern is not considered, as it is an unthinkable fear. Instead of loving each new day even more than the one before, life becomes predictable, ordinary, mundane. It is not until a piece of this is taken away that the realization, that you no longer appreciate the beauty of the future, comes back to your daily thoughts.  

We must love each day. 

There is no turning back then. 

Feel gratitude now.