Gift: Word of the Day Challenge


Is it a Gift?

Is it a gift to fall asleep at night 

  • and dream of the people who are gone? 
  • and remember the places you’ve been? 
  • and talk to the dreams that are real in your head? 
  • and know that the monsters go away when you wake? 
  • and realize sleep rejuvenates? 

Is it a gift to awaken in the morning 

  • and realize it was all just a dream? 
  • and remember those who are gone aren’t coming back? 
  • and understand that dreams don’t always come true? 
  • and see the new sun of a new day? 
  • and think about all life has to offer? 

©2020 CBialczak

Give a gift 
to help lift 
up someone’s mood 
‘cause it feels good.