First Line Friday: March 12, 2021

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Tamsin’s heart drummed frantically as she tore through her pack, her books, and the messy desk– where was it?! She knew she had put the folder on her desk prior to unpacking the rest of her stuff but it was nowhere to be found. How could a manila envelope that big just disappear?
This was just her luck. First, she finds out her great aunt Cindy died then finds out that she is the Executor to her estate! Why was she named the one in charge? She barely knew Aunt Cindy!
She only had about an hour to spare before the attorney’s office closed. She had to get the paperwork to the attorney so it could be filed with probate in the right amount of time. Luckily, she got that heads up from her cousin Billy. Billy had called looking to find out what Aunt Cindy had left him. Tamsin had no idea so she told Billy she would ask the attorney. That could happen if she only found what she was looking for. What would her relatives say if she said she lost Aunt Cindy’s Last Will and Testament? There had to be another copy somewhere but that would only take longer then to find it.

Tamsin dropped into her chair. Letting out a giant sigh she bowed her head knowing she had messed up. What would the attorneys do? Would they have another copy? Would this situation get better or worse? Out of the corner of her eye Tamsin noticed a small piece of manila envelope sticking out from behind the waste pail. The folder! She must have dropped it! She reached over; while thanking God, and grabbed the folder. She ran out of room and tore down the hall, knowing that if she flew down there now she would have plenty time to get things done. Maybe Aunt CIndy was up there taking care of it after all!

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First Line Friday

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The black dog followed them home.

The black dog followed them home. Milly saw it out of the corner of her eye the entire trip. She wasn’t sure why it followed them, they didn’t have food in their bags, nor did they offer the dog anything to entice him to follow. The biggest question would be what would happen once they got home. Where would he go? They couldn’t have dogs in their apartment, and he must certainly belong to someone. 

Quiet wandering 
Companion in search of love 
Finding its true home 

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First Line Friday 20th November

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Dominic bowed his head to hide his face.

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Dominic bowed his head to hide his face. He didn’t want his mug showing up all over the news stations. If his parents found out he was one of the protestors they would never let him live it down. They were not the type to engage in such foolery. But Dominic knew, deep down, that fighting, for what you believe is right, is not foolery; foolery is looking the other way at something that is wrong.
This was going to be a night like no other. Dominic planned on watching the looters, finding out their tricks and finding out where they kept all the merchandise they stole. He wanted to help bring these people down but watching and waiting seemed so passive. He strolled through the crowded streets just watching and waiting for it all to begin.

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First Line Friday: November 6th, 2020

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The splashing of pink rain boots announced her impending arrival.”

The splashing of pink rain boots announced her impending arrival.” 

Martha had been waiting six months for this day to come. With the lockdowns from the pandemic, she hadn’t seen her grandkids in over six months, but they had been planning this particular visit since the state went into phase 2 opening.  

Her grandkids were precious and all this time that she hasn’t been able to see them has felt like pure torture. Talking over video calls isn’t the same as wrapping your arms around these sweet babies. She didn’t care how she looked right now, she only wanted to get to the door and open it to see them! 

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