Fandango’s Dog Days of August #28

Today Fandango wants to know what my favorite season is:

January is too cold

February is over-rated as the month of love

March is bland

April is when I start getting excited because it isn’t cold but it isn’t hot
So April starts my favorite season even though it is in the middle of the season

May is good too

June used to be okay but now it is the anniversary of losing my husband so it starts that blah feeling

July starts awesome because my daughter was born on the 6th then it goes down hill to the anniversary of losing my son

August is too damn hot

September is okay but the gross spiders start coming out

October is awful for spiders

November is my birthday and Thanksgiving so it is okay

December is December

Fandango’s Dog Days of August #27

Written for Fandango:

Today’s theme is “your favorite beverage.” 

Let’s see…

In the morning I like a cup of coffee with Almond milk creamer. I used to use regular creamer but there is quite a bit of artificial junk I don’t need.

I like to drink iced tea. I like the Crystal Light kind, fresh brewed, bottled…I like a light amount of sugar and a splash of lemon.

I love a good, cold Jack n’ Coke every so often, but love love love Margaritas. I am also very partial to Beefeater and Tonic with lime.

I drink water all day, every day. With the heat I have been using Propel powder in my water with Electrolytes because I constantly feel dehydrated.

Thanks for reading!

I almost forgot, and don’t ask me how I could forget this, but I love going to local wineries! A nice, sweet white is so delish!

Fandango’s Dog Days of August

Written for Fandango:

Fun Fact:

Curious Carrots

During World War II, British intelligence spread the rumor that the Royal Air Force pilots enjoyed superior night vision because they ate copious amounts of carrots. Spoiler: it was a total lie. The truth was the RAF was using their newly invented radar to spot German planes in the dark. It was a massive military secret, and in order to keep German intelligence “in the dark” they made up the carrot fact.

Just to be clear, vitamin A in carrots is good for eye health…it just probably won’t help you detect enemy airplanes in the dark.

Fandango’s Dog Days of August

Today’s theme is “a lesson you learned.” What is a lesson that you learned along the way? How did you learn the lesson? Who did you learn it from? How did that lesson change your life, it at all?

My lesson

When I got my first teaching job I had no idea what kind of school I was asking to work in. All I knew then was that I wanted a teaching job so badly and I had applied to every town within commuting distance. When I showed up for my interview I met the principal in her office which was also the tiny kitchenette. The school was in an old Victorian house in a very poor end of the city, very economically disadvantaged. The place was fairly quiet. She interviewed me and practically hired me on the spot. I had all the credentials and the demeanor to fit the job.

Jump ahead to my first day: I walk into my classroom which is a tiny room about 12′ X 8′. There were three kids sitting around a table and someone watching the kids while I got situated. “Where are the teaching materials?” no response. “What am I supposed to teach them?” no response.

Cutting the story short here, because I could write and write, it was a Clinical Day Program for emotionally disturbed children who were socially and behaviorally inappropriate for public schooling, as they had worn out all other interventions. Wow, I didn’t know that even existed!

So, I “love” my new job. I really did and I was getting in shape both restraining children who were physically aggressive or chasing “runners” down the street. There was this one boy, we will call him Charlie. He was a spoiled boy, his mother coddled him every minute of every day. His behavior was horrendous, physical, verbal, you name it. The mother “yes’ed” us to death and nothing improved. We had a staff meeting one day to discuss what to do next as he was getting bigger (in 4th grade almost my height, 5’3″). We were talking, thinking, brainstorming.

Being a new teacher, especially with this population, I made a comment like this: “If only his mother did something. She is half of the problem if not all of it. Does she even discipline him at home?”


My principal looked at me and said, “You cannot judge the parents. You have no idea what they are going through and although we have their kids for 6.5 hours a day, they had them the rest of the 24 hours. They are challenged economically and some have their own psychiatric issues. You will never know what they go through unless you go through it in your own life.”

Well, that shut me up.

It also helped give me a new perspective on the kids, their families, and my role. You don’t know what people go through behind closed doors.

Years later, my son was bullied and displayed some of the behaviors I dealt with as a teacher. It really kicked me in the ass and I have NEVER forgotten what I was told. That day I became a better person.

©2020  CBialczak

Fandango’s Dog Days of August

Today’s theme is “your temperament.” 

Be Kind, Be Brave, Be You!

If you ask most people they would agree that I am pretty easy going, most of the time, and easy to please.
I get a little ornery in a few situations:
*if someone accuses me of lying
*if someone tells me I am wrong about something that I know is 100% right.
*if someone wants to do something that is going to be a bad idea and they don’t want to listen to me about it.
*when I am super tired and haven’t had a meltdown yet

I am not high maintenance

I like kindness

I cannot stand the ugliness of purposeful nastiness

I am sensitive and think out everything, and I mean everything!

©2020 CBialczak

Written for Fandango:

Your Blogging Space: Fandango’s Dog Days of Summer

Written for Fandango:

Where do you blog?

I blog in my family room. I sit in my big chair with my matching ottoman that we got from David’s brother’s girlfriend. My big comfy chair is situated right next to my guinea pig habitat so I can sit and watch them and talk to them while I am working. I can see out the slider, which looks out onto the deck and then a bit of yard then a lot of trees.

I am in front of the television but don’t watch TV until David comes home or Lindsay comes over and turns the TV on. I have a few favorite shows but don’t care to watch TV by myself.

I have my small table where I can put my drink. There is a mug with pens and pencils, a ruler, and scissors. There are a bunch of things like a small pencil sharpener, toggle for my mac, tissues, extra paper, all near me. If I didn’t want to move all day I could stay in my spot and survive for quite a long time.

Thanks for stopping by to see my blogging space.