Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #95

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I heard it coming. I could hear the ssshhhh, ssshhh of its feet dragging on the wooden floor boards. I stood motionless. I was behind the curtain but I realized I may have been hidden but I was also trapped. I couldn’t see what was going on or if it was coming closer to my hiding spot.

I looked around for a weapon, anything that would hurt long enough and hard enough to give me time to run. There, on the back of the desk was a pair of scissors. Why hadn’t I thought about cutting a peep hole in the curtain when I had the chance?

Holy shit, is it right outside the curtain? I could hear a deep slow breathing. I quietly moved closer to the scissors. Just as I was about to grab them there was a bang. I jumped out of my skin and started panting like a thirsty dog. I grabbed the scissor and without looking stabbed at the shadow on the other side of the curtain.

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