A Real Health Problem: Compilation 08/31/2022

When I look in the mirror and look at my legs
I glimpse limbs that are swollen like hardboiled eggs
This Hypostasis was brought to the light
It isn’t a joke, it’s a sad, lethal plight
Its like a bad prank of the lower body
Responsive to fluid under skin you can’t see.
I head to the doctor on a bus ride to town
to get me the update likely making me frown
I’m the underdog here, I had no clear choice
Antics of real organs that haven’t a voice
In a world like a mansion with places to hide
The fluids stay put on the body’s insides
I ask you to tell loved ones, “With your body have stealth
and remind them to keep a good eye on their health.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry