Three Line Tales: Week #210

three line tales, week 210: a genie in a bottle enchants a passer-by
photo by Kenny Luo via Unsplash

The next time you are walking in the city and you see a genie in a bottle, run the other way.
This genie is nothing but a fake, looking for money, so he doesn’t have to go to work everyday.
If you fall for it, make sure you give him a big bill, just in case it is the one time it’s a real genie!

©2020 CBialczak

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Three Line Tales: Week 202

As I headed home I could feel the icy shards, from the freezing rain, hitting the fragile skin on my bare face. I hoped my door would be open, or at least the doorman would still be working, as I forgot my key when I left earlier today. This would prove to be a very cold night, should I have to spend the evening on the streets, oh how I feel for the homeless in winter!

Three Line Tales

As I sit in the waiting room of my psychotherapist, this picture falls out of my wallet.

I wonder why I am at a psychotherapist’s office, as I stare at the creepy doll I held during my holiday photo shoot.

Perhaps my psychotherapist can look at the young face in this picture and help me find out why the innocence in that face disappeared.

Three Line Tales

When I go to the record shop to see what they have left I feel badly that I am wasting inventory if I buy a single album.

When I go home with my new album I will set up my kitchen to make my mold and start my oven.

When my oven is heated I will place my record on my mold to melt into a super, funky snack bowl which will be a gift to a friend.

Three Line Tales, Week 196

Night of the Harvest Moon

We were always told never to walk alone in the woods on the night of the Harvest Moon.

Tonight here I am walking, alone, in the night, with only the orange glow of a fictional moon to guide me.

If I do not make it out of the woods tonight I hope that the next person listens when they are told to never walk alone in the woods on the night of the Harvest Moon.

Three Line Tales, Week 195

As my nails gripped the sandy soil, littered with dried, dead grasses, the sky behind me darkened.

I could continue to struggle and try to climb out of this hell or give up and fall to my death.

Where are you God when I need you so desperately?