Sunday already

Good afternoon. This weekend has been full of new things for me and my writing. I have signed up for various accounts including Twitter and Tumblr. My “business” is called Stine Writing. What do you think?

I will be preparing illustrations for my upcoming Poem Anthology. My “mentor”, if you will, is Shel Silverstein. He was always one of my favorite authors and he did all of his own illustrations. My illustrations are definitely not as good or advanced as his were but I am just starting out. What do you all think? Self illustrate? I feel like my drawings, especially because they are simple and black and white, are representative of the fun I want children to have when reading my poetry books. Shel Silverstein could be called my idol.

I have also been looking over merchandise ideas and marketing ideas on

Let me kow what you think about this pushing forward.

Have a great Sunday.

Three Line Tales

Good morning. Not sure how this works yet but there is a blogger who posts a picture daily and your job as writer is to make a three line tale out of it. I have to see how to get the picture but perhaps if I tag my story… If anyone ever has directions to give on these blogging things, please feel free…I accept as much help as I can.

If they were to see me, they would know exactly what I am thinking. If they knew what I was thinking, they might want to move me. I’m staying put, think what you want.

Goodnight for now…

Well, I go to bed with happy thoughts as I just found out my poem anthology was accepted by my publishing company! Very excited to have two series and now an anthology. Share with me at least one thing you want to accomplish by the end of this year.


Good morning. 9/11, a sad day. Still makes me want to cry at all of the lives lost.

So I guess this is day 2 of blogging. I am trying to figure out what to “blog”. I suppose once I have some feedback that can start discussion it will get easier.

So I started writing, well I guess I always liked writing… I wrote my first book, Penelope, while I was visiting my father, after hearing about the birth of my great niece, Penelope. I didn’t really intend for it to be a book. I was just writing a cute story about this little girl. Anyhow, that being March, my husband, Penelope’s great uncle, passed away that June. It wasn’t until that August that I thought I would pursue the publishing process. You see, Bob, my husband, had read what I wrote about Penelope and said he thought it was “actually, really good”. Holding on to that one memory I searched the internet for publishers. Well, the writing and publishing process can go two ways…you can navigate it yourself, publish yourself, etc. or pay and have someone do all that work and wait for the finished product. Some say the first is better, saves money. I did the latter because, frankly, I wanted it to be done right the first time. I am happy with the results and also very happy that I have quite a few books lined up in this Penelope series to keep me busy.

Have a delightful day.

My first Blog!

Wow! I can’t even believe that not only have I published three books but I am also blogging! These are just a few of the things on my Bucket List. I love writing and I love writing about things that I believe will be fun and educational for children. I think a key to teaching children, which is my background, is showing them how much fun learning is and also knowing that each tidbit of knowledge you introduce to a child is another piece of information to help them learn more about the world around them. Many of my stories have societal values incorporated in them and I touch upon ethnicity and social “norms”. I welcome feedback and criticism if you have it. I don’t shy away from creative criticism. I have learned to reflect upon what I do so that the next time I do it better.

Update! I am still blogging! I am still writing and creating and loving what I do! (11/23/2020)