In 2018 I lost Bob, my husband of 21 years, to a sudden illness.
In 2019 I lost Joey, my son, 19 years old, to a motorcycle accident.

My mother died when I was 23. By then all of my grandparents were already gone. All of my mother’s family is pretty much gone, except I know there are a few people out there but I haven’t had much luck getting in touch.

My father, now in 2022, has Alzheimer’s and Dementia. My old dad passed away, I feel. I still love him and care for him but I miss him. All of his brothers and of course his parents are gone. He is 90. He has outlived everyone! I know a few of my cousins and I have a few I am close to. (You know who you are!)

I don’t speak to any of my siblings. My little brother spent most of his young adult life in prison. He had been out of prison around the time that Bob died and he never called or came to the service. That hurt. Then losing my son, he didn’t surface then either. I don’t consider myself as having a brother anymore.
My full sister doesn’t want to have a relationship with me.
My half sister is now best buds with the full sister and won’t talk to me anymore.
I am fine with this. They don’t agree with all of my decisions and if they choose to not know me anymore then that is life. I keep moving.