Weekend Quickie

Rory has me intrigued with this Weekend Quickie. To join in check it out here: https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2022/04/09/weekend-quickie-9/

Asking You
April 2022
Weekend Quickie

10 Questions for you to answer as you so see fit!
Name one sport that is already dangerous but would be lethal if you were naked? Maybe Ice Hockey? There are so many that could go bad…
If l had three bananas in my right pocket and 17 grapes in my left pocket what would l have in my back pocket? Nothing, your pants would be too damn tight!
How many animals were aboard Noah’s Ark? Probably at least 100, but that isn’t counting how many got off…By then there were babies…you know stuck on a ship for all that time. Gestation is faster with some animals.
What is the second largest organ in your body and could you live without it? I think that would be your liver and no.
What is the most reckless thing you have ever done as an adult? probably driving under the influence…I play it pretty safe.
I came, l saw and l didn’t …. [what?] know what the hell was going on!
What are 5 ways to keep warm when lost outside in a snowstorm with a stranger? get naked and snuggle, get naked, snuggle, snuggle and get naked, and stay out of the wind.
How does your mind work – what am l talking about if these words are used – Melons, Jugs, bubbles and orbs? Fruit, ceramic bottles of water, kids bubble wand creations, and lights that signify a spirit.
Which language are these words and terms from? – ankle biter, strewth, bludger, sunnies barbie, nuddy, furphy and woop woop? I would say Old English.
Do you prefer to ring my bell, push the button, knock on wood or walk on by and why did you select your choice? Either ring your bell or walk on by…If I’m there I might as well say hello but if I’m there and don’t feel up to it I do nothing and keep walking.

Bonus Question
Who said, “It’s just a flesh wound?” And who were they talking to?
no idea, no guesses either.