PROMPT #102 Public figures make us hate their enemies.

Who is the public? 

By Christine Bialczak

Who is the public, who would you say 

Makes you cry out and run far away? 

Why do they matter, why do you care? 

Why do you cry or pull out your hair? 

Do they matter, do they understand? 

Do they know how they hold your hand? 

Don’t feel so trapped as you can get out 

Run from the public, privacy no doubt.  

Three Line Tales, Week 191 — Only 100 Words

Welcome to Week 191 of Three Line Tales. You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr: Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible). Link back to this post (& check the link shows up under the weekly post). Tag your post with 3LineTales (so everyone can find you in the Reader). Read and […]

Three Line Tales, Week 191 — Only 100 Words

Kids in Summer: The higher they jumped the closer they became. Catching the balloon seemed like an impossible feat. In a child’s heart there is the determination to keep jumping until they get what they want.

Tuesday, this one will be remembered

So, today was my last day at my high school teaching job. Was it something I wanted to do? Well, if I had sold my house and was moving south, then yes, but having to do it due to emotional turmoil, not my choice. I suppose you could say that I learned today that sometimes hard decisions must be made. And even when the decisions are made, they are not always easy or desirable. It was a rough learning experience.

On a positive note, the weather was beautiful and I got my errands done.

My to-do list has a top priority item that I must get to: schedule some book signings and/or author readings. Perhaps putting it on a social blog will make be more motivated to get it completed.

Good night to you all and sweet dreams if you so wish.



This is a photograph I took a few years ago. I love to see nature’s movement in my work.

I read about a great program in the UK that encourages reading between family members of military, especially those with a parent deployed. The program is called Reading Force, and they send the books and a scrapbook to the familiy that applies. The parent who is deployed, or not, reads the book along with the child, encouraging conversation. The part of this I love is that although I am not a military parent, I can imagine that a parent-soldier must sometimes find it hard to find things to talk about or write/email about. This gives everyone a topic to focus on. I thought this was great. I would love feedback from US families. I actually asked them if they knew of a program here in the US that does the same thing. I’ll see….


I have been off the loop for a few days, trying to catch up on some much needed sleep and finishing the line drawings for my poem anthology.

I met with a dear friend this morning for brunch. We became friends in the fourth grade and although having lived apart for many years, have continued to respect the friendship we held so dear all those years ago. It is amazing how as you age, the circle of friends grows smaller, yet stronger. I no longer have energy for negativity and cynicism. I have had enough heartache in the past 15 months to last me a lifetime and beyond. This brings me back to the fact that having brunch after many years of brief hellos and goodbyes, the conversation flowed as if no time has passed since our last heart-to-heart. This is friendship and I value it so very much.

On another note, I found this weird bug on my porch today.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and send me your thoughts.

Find my title!

Wow, so this was an exciting night. I went online and looked over so many websites and found Penelope’s New Puppy and Penelope Picks Her Pals in bookstores all over the country and the UK! I can’t even believe it. There are deals, but watch for shipping and handling costs. Of course has almost always free shipping and depending on the amount of books you order, many other sites offer free shipping.

Today was also a great day because I met up with two friends who have purchased all three books for grandchildren. I signed all of the books according to what they asked for and it was really nice to see a smile on my friend’s face when she saw my message to her granddaughter.

I am going to be setting up some book signings as soon as I can get myself to sit and write down the locations I want to connect with.

Tomorrow night I will be at an author’s meet and greet in Providence, RI. I am hoping to connect with other authors and hear about how they get people to know what books are out there and increase interest in upcoming books.

I hope to have all of my illustrations drawn for my poem anthology done soon. I keep saying it but it takes longer than I always think it will. Please let me know if you have any ideas about the poetry or even about locations to contact for book signings, author readings, etc.

Tuesday, news day

Well, the only news to update today is that my logo is up and running and so are my multiple emails until I figure out how I want to work all of this. My merchandise is available on and my books, of course, are available on Amazon, on, and there are digital versions for Kindle and all other platforms. If you can’t find it, contact me so I can find out. This is all a big learning block and although I am enjoying it, it is a lot to remember and keep organized.

The 4th book in the Penelope series is currently with the illustrators!