Top Ten Tuesday: Ten terrific fictional pets

Characters I’d Name a Pet After

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  1. Jasmine – was my therapy dog, named after Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin
  2. Nala – one of my German Shepherds, named after Nala in the Lion King
  3. Popeye – my sister had a dog named Popeye from
  4. Tweetie from Sylvester and Tweetie
  5. Oreo – my guinea pig
  6. Kermit (The Muppet Show)
  7. Tabitha (Bewitched)
  8. Stewie (Family Guy)
  9. Oscar (Sesame Street)
  10. Beary (Penelope’s New Puppy) – my guinea pig

I forgot that my son had two rats – Ratsby and Ratsheim!

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