My Writing Montage: Compilation 6/19/2022

As I sit now and think about the words here today
I catenate my words in my roustabout way
Its not an emergency this is no jubilee
but as I proceed I feel it does amuse me.
Like a blackbird who flies in the dead of the night
to a flame going out in the wind
Nothing surprises my mind anymore, so now it is time to begin
I will think of an ambulance whirling away as it seems to cross by on the street
While a meek little woman searches her purse, wondering who she might meet
She may need assistance here on the ground, her bare feet attached to the earth
Or getting her butt up on the bus, the door is too small for her girth.
I find that I am like a grain of the sand that covers a wide open beach
playing my part in this writing montage wondering who I will reach.
Now that I’m done and she’s riding the bus my search for the words has to stop
Like a saint kneels to pray the creed that he knows, my brain cells are ready to drop.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Quiet Zone: Compilation 6/18/2022

I dreamt of a world in a land far away
A rainbow spanned the sky, which impacted my day
A little bitty bird with pink little feet
toiled with the soil looking for a worm to eat
The scent on the air was filled with jasmine and some spice
A current little something, boiled apples would be nice
My mind sent my thoughts awhirl coming from nowhere
A platitude of messages, but I really didn’t care
I was happy with the world, brightness beaming in my eyes
Nothing could be better than those cloud covered skies.
I awoke with a start finding myself all alone
Wishing I was back there now in that quiet zone.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

When I was young (bad hair day): Compilation 06/16/2022

Way back when, when I was young and I lived in a shack
My parents were both generous and gave me lots of slack
My name was in the news just once when I was nine or ten
It was a misprint I had seen, which haunted me back then.
My height was short despite my age and so it wasn’t rare
For others to indulge themselves in ruffling my hair.
In my domain it suited me to leave my hair a mop
But mom and dad they fought with me if leaving our door stop
They thought the style quite unkempt and wanted it pulled back
There even was the once or twice my mom gave me a smack!
And so I live alone for now, as I’m a grown adult
I often look like Cousin It, and that is all my fault.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

The Timid Man: Compilation 06/15/2022

To show off his accomplishment the awkward little man
Silenced by the opulence, a foreshadow of a plan,
burst into the sunroom to catch them by surprise
But the planned achievement earned was not his enterprise.
the mother of the baby worked to quieten her tot
while one teen sat sedated, another picked a shoelace knot
He noticed a quiet lady was swatting at some flies
Antagonist by nature or just nosey and all eyes?
He felt his plan diminish and realized in the end
That people don’t like others who are timid little men.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Time to get up!: Compilation 06/14/2022

If the truth be told and I don’t really lie
my heart wasn’t in it, I wanted to die
I declined the chance which might have been bad
it was an opportunity I never have had
Until I found out later that day
with dawn and then twilight dimming the way
my fears could diminish and vanish for good
If I conflated my lives with a twist of my mood
I was only a chicken with white, softish wings
the dawn of a new day was really my thing
so I sucked up my fear and used what I had
And found waking up early wasn’t that bad.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Our Time Together: Compilation 06/12/2022

Sit right down and don’t be shy while stories I do tell
I’ll catch my breath, you hold on tight, then feign a dizzy spell
We’ll run real fast to placate friends who wait on down the road
We pat a dog and pet a cat, then kill a nasty toad
Mysterious men walk on by and influence my tale
And here we are too far apart, my whispering will fail
I talk of thirst and food for thought, potato chips and dip
you think of praxis testing for a job on a cruise ship
I try to share my chain of thought but then I see you stop
You say you have an aching pain and feel like you might drop
I tell you first that we must go and then you follow me
Under stars and the bright moon we walk and then we see
Subscribing to a healthy way of eating is the best
Drink your water and I drink mine and in a pit we rest
Now when we stop you will say you cannot stand my charm
I smile slight and bring you home, I never meant you harm
I hand you now a blossoming flower with its roots
to grow in your own garden for the tree to bear you fruits
We make up then and laugh a lot of what we had just done
and realize we’re still good friends and it was all in fun.
©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Our Singing Group: Compilation 06/11/2022

Gather round and listen well to what I’ve got to say
I represent a choir group who gets along to play
From 80’s rock to classical the group creates great sound
Their music’s heard amid big groups, where families are found
We sing at dinners and couples lunch but pause during nuptials
We run to use the loo as we are tense when nature calls
The groups preoccupation with swing dancing is real fun
Our guests hear our loud music and to the dance floor they all run
I’d like to say we pick the songs the families like the best
But often binge on Disco and the blues to fill the rest
We haven’t any problems as we are a group that’s liked
Since we aren’t like the bands who keep their prices hiked
So when you want a group to sing and make your party fun
Call us and just book a date ’cause we are the right one!

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Anywhere: Compilation June 7, 2022

Amidst the cattails and the mud
the sorrow of their loss is grand
Raising up their hearts and minds
to show that guilt has no stand
An heirloom from the other day
like thoughts confined to one
The aftermath is worse to feel
Like burning bushes had been done
Remorse is present and will not be
replaceable as such
But put the kibosh on network rules
and see the change just as much.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Mystery Sound: Compilation 5/27/2022

Already in a hackly mess the wood began to break
A yellow honey oozing out, real honey or a fake?
The noise began as a soft hum, a crack in silent air
Bonhomie was following, technology was left bare
A fracture in cacophony, suspicious ’bout the sound
but nothing here was making noise, no evidence was found.

Monkey Faces: Compilation 5/20/2022

Many, many years ago I had a house up north
the kids lived in a frowzy place, not knowing all its worth
The hubby was quite fractious, not towards family per se
but found the home distinctly packed with linens all astray
He sought a way to shock me into cleaning up my mess
To my surprise he shared the things he saw despite the stress
the pareidolia in the wood were monkeys pouncing round
His gasconade about his view I proved completely sound
For there among the dirt and dust and knots all in the pine,
were monkey faces all around, not reflections of any kind.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

This poem is based on a true story. First of all, the monkey faces: One night we had been sitting talking and Bob, my late husband, asked me in astonishment if I saw the monkey faces. I had no idea what he was talking about, thinking maybe he had imbibed in a few beverages. After trying to explain it and show me, I did see them! Monkey faces in the grain of the wood floor. Second, ever since I was younger, when I get super stressed out I clean. I would clean everything and then feel better sitting back looking at an organized, clean space. Once, Bob told me that sometimes he would try to get me mad so that I would clean! We laughed about it, actually.