Album Cover Design

I was so excited today when I got the final feedback on the final copy of an album cover I designed for a musician friend, and very old friend, of mine. When the album is officially on the market after its release I will probably post pictures of the design. I’d love to share it now but I have to wait.

I also finally found a program that I can use in conjunction with a few other websites to complete my picture book illustrations! Want to see the main character? I won’t tell her name or what the story is about but here is a sneak peak. I will be sending it out with queries after the new year. I am hoping this is my absolutely, real breakout book!

Sunday Whirl: Wordle #432

Sitting in a coffee shop 

As I sit here in disguise, like a villain being hunted by the hero, I resign myself and decide to stay, tucked in the corner of this coffee shop, hoping to avoid any conversation. And I write, chain smoke, and decide how to rally against the negativity which will envelope me when I go home. I know it will happen. I left in the middle of an argument. I don’t feel any shame though as I know positivity will reign. That is what divides us, the outlook, and how shade on a cold day is the same as shade on a sunny day, both beautiful yet so different. If it weren’t for the words, the way I shoot my mouth off, when I feel I am in the right, there wouldn’t be this separation, this hiding, this avoidance. My wish is that the anger will dissipate and all arguments can turn into conversation.  

Sunday writing prompt: Myths and Love

Galatea and Acis  (the “real” story)

Acis, a minor river god, loved the nymph Galatea. However, the cyclopes Polyphemus [some say the same one who terrorized Odysseus ] also loved the girl. There really was no competition: Acis was young and handsome, Polyphemus large and ugly. Acis and Galatea carried on a secret love affair, but one day Polyphemus heard Acis singing a love song for her and hurled huge rocks at the two. Galatea transformed him into a river and the stones which Polyphemus threw became the Cyclopian Rocks in Sicily. 

Galatea and Acis (my version)

There was a fairy and a fish 
Who loved each other true. 
A beast, he loved her so much more 
as social media knew. 

The cyclops was the ugly beast 
From who the two did hide. 
For in the darkness they did kiss 
When both their cell phones died.  

One day the fairy sang a song 
Which was meant for fish boy. 
Cyclops got mad and threw some stones 
before he did deploy.  

He went to war, or so he thought 
But really he was high. 
He didn’t understand how she could sing 
To some other handsome guy.  

The stones stand now right near the shore 
Of modern Italy 
They both have died but love lives on 
If only digitally.

Three Things Challenge

Written for today’s Three Things Challenge from Di at Pensitivity101. The three things are “shade,” “brother,” and “mobile.”

There lived in the forest a family of five. They were a happy family and they loved living beneath the sycamore trees, using their shade to allow time for relaxation. They loved living in the forest with the animals and with the weather. They believed that God put them in the forest for a purpose and knew that in the forest is where they would stay. God did not wish for them to be mobile, as he did not provide them with a vehicle or animals to ride. They loved being together. The mother and father, the sisters and the brother. No negativity, good communication, working together. God created perfection.

Fandango’s Provocative Question

Would you be willing to give up everything you have if you could go back and start your life all over again? Why or why not?

Wow, this is a hard one but I have to say yes. I would wish I could keep a few things. I would wish I could keep my children. I wish I could keep my positivity.

Why would I be okay starting life all over again? I could use what I know now to do all the things I have learned are right and would attempt all of the things I was too scared to try. I would do some of the things I did in my life differently. I would go to college and major in something else. I would try to get my dream job even if I didn’t have the confidence to try.

Why wouldn’t I? I would be afraid that I wouldn’t be me in my new life. There are things I don’t regret. I would be scared that I made the wrong decision.

I think the biggest question is: when do we start again? At birth? At a certain age?

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #55

burlingham-henge-1.jpg (1200×674)

Below the great oak tree 

Below the great oak tree 

I find all my dreams 

Thinking of futures  

And what it all means. 

What will I do now? 

Where will I go? 

How do I decide? 

How will I know? 

I wait for some sign 

From the man up above 

And hope that I live  

On hope, joy and love. 

I try to stay living 

In a positive way 

Although my life’s path 

Has gone quite astray.  

With my friend and my daughter 

Together we drive 

To live a life perfect 

For the ones still alive.  

Tale Weaver – #251: Jobs

What do I want to be when I grow up?

When I look back and think of all the jobs I have had there are some that I recall with a smile, others I roll my eyes at. In addition to the jobs I have had I still have jobs that I wish I had had or jobs I wish I could still get.

When I was younger my dream job would have been to be like Clarice in Silence of the Lambs, talking to the most disturbed individuals, trying to find some sense it how the brain works. People think I am deranged myself, that I find it absolutely amazing to hear about the f—-ed up things people have done in this world. It is not that I sensationalize the crime, I find it hugely “intriguing” maybe, that a brain can find something okay with something that is so wrong. Anyhow, the last time I wanted to look into joining the FBI I was a new mother and figured that was a dream that would never happen. I still wish I had tried.

My teaching jobs have given me so many memories. So many people that I have worked with , all of the kids I have worked with. Now that I am no longer actively teaching, I think of all the things I still want to teach kids. I was one of those teachers who told kids the world like it was. I wanted kids to realize that there is a life beyond school and all of these years was just getting you ready to be a functioning citizen in society. I would tell students why they didn’t know something or why they weren’t learning something. Kids think if they don’t learn something it means they are dumb. No way! There is something getting in the way! I believe that everyone can learn whatever they want to learn. Find what is blocking that path! I hope that someday one of my former students thinks back and says “Mrs. B was right! I am pretty darn smart when I put my mind to learning something!”

There are other jobs in my repertoire. Waitress, Bartender, Fabric store fabric folder, CVS worker, nursery school teacher, job coach, employment specialist, garden center worker, planter (at a garden center), babysitter, salesperson, teacher, health coach, parent…I’m sure I am forgetting something.

What about now? I want to be an author. I want to be a writer. I want to have children ask their moms, dads, grandmas, Santa, whoever, for my books! I love working with kids. I like educational assessing. I love being a special education advocate. I love bartending. I don’t know what my next job will be. I am working on my writing. I am taking classes to improve it.

What do I want to be when I grow up? I don’t know yet.

Prompt Poetry

When I was younger, I went to school to become smart. I thought that getting smart was a rite of passage and that no one had to worry, it would happen. School was not hard for me, my body seemed to absorb knowledge, and offered me an oasis in a socially demanding environment. Now as an adult I wonder where they all are, all the kids that went to school with me. Did they get smart? Did they find it or did it find them? What about those who didn’t care? Do they care now?  

3TC; Body, School, Hard 

RDP; Passage 

Word of the day Challenge; Oasis 

It is First Line Friday!

Eden saw doubt in their trembling smiles, they never expected her to recover. 

But as she regained consciousness, visions of the accident started coming back in small snippits. Was she driving the car? She can’t remember. Where was she going?

Everyone, including the doctor and the charge nurse, stood above her, staring down at her as though she had died. No one seemed particularly happy that she was alive, let alone awake. Perhaps they knew she would survive. But those smiles, half smiles really, sent a chill down her spine. She began realizing they were waiting for her to respond before celebrating the fact that she was even alive.

Her eyes became heavier and she was unable to find the energy to keep them open. As soon as Eden closed her eyes, they began to speak in hushed tones. In her head she wondered, “Was that the doctor’s voice saying I could still be in a coma? Was I in a coma?” This was so confusing and no matter how hard she tried she could not will her eyes to open or her mouth to form words to speak.