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Oh, my god… what did you do to Brutus?  Just LOOK at him!  He hates it, take it off!  Yes, he does, look at his eyes, he hates it.  Stop laughing; he knows you’re laughing at him.  It’s humiliating. Dogs can to get humiliated!  Come here, Brutey. 

Is that MY sweater?  You cut the sleeves off MY sweater to put on the dog?  Why?  What is wrong with you?  I liked that sweater ever if you didn’t. 

Just between the two of us, he looks like an idiot.  I’d never let HIM know it though.  Now, take that off him, and STOP TAKING PICTURES!  What are you going to do with them?   What?  NO!   You can’t post them on Instagram!  Brutus has a dignified social media presence!  You will RUIN his reputation! 

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The White House! America’s Most Unique “Rental Property” Is Up For Bids! The US Election Is Underway! Presidential Politics! Biggest President Scandals!

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I found this great article and thought I would share it.


The White House

This House Is Available To Rent!

Yes, the US election is today – and President Trump battles former Vice President Joe Biden to take up residence for the next four years in the most famous “rental property” in the world!

Boarding Up The White House!

It’s a sobering sight: the White House has had a wall built around it to keep people out – as the country braces for the most volatile and contentious presidential election in modern history…


Democracy Underway…

Washington D.C. is the center of our democracy, and every four years, US citizens have the freedom to go to the polls and decide who should lead the country.

These elections are held in all 50 states, and involve not only the Presidency but state races, congress, the senate, and propositions all across the country that impact how we live our lives going forward…they are important.

Sadly, the country…

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