Friday Fictioneers

Rochelle host Friday Fictioneers:


Mikey, move to the left a little. No, step back a tiny bit. Yes, stay there! Okay, now put your hands up in front of you…Awesome, lean in a little, like you are actually holding it up.

Dad, this is the same picture that every tourist takes here.

No, this will be different. Let’s make it different.

Dad, how can you make this different? 

Trust me, Mikey. Okay now bring your knee up. 

What do you mean bring my knee up?

Like you need your knee to help you hold up the tower. 

Dad this is so dumb


©2022 CBialczak Fiction

Friday Writings #13: 13 Words on the 13th

Hosted by Poets and Storytellers United:

bone, night, tell-tale, rhyme, tongue, storm, dirt, moon, chaos, winter, echo, howl, forest.

No Words

There is no bone in the tongue
To hold the howl in a forest
So that the echo is heard in the night.

There is not tell-tale sign
That a storm is brewing
Ready to make chaos of the dirt of the path.

There is no light from the moon
In the cold months of winter
For a poet to find hidden words to rhyme

There is no way out of the darkness
Where the sounds conceal
The thoughts that are uttered in a scream.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry