FOWC with Fandango

Todays word is trip

Surprise Love 

Take a trip around with me 

To see the sights there are to see. 

Don’t you worry if you’re late 

Its not that kind of lovey date.  

We’ll go to eat, then go to walk 

We’ll kiss a bit and then we’ll talk. 

We’ll get a ride back to your car 

We walked a bit, kind-of far. 

You’ll say you had a super time 

I look at you with eyes sublime. 

We have to leave soon, it is dark 

Was that just me or was there a spark? 

We make new plans for the next day 

It seems like that’s so far away. 

I guess our trip was more than planned 

I hit the moon, your love is grand. 

FOWC with Fandango — Doctor

My ABC Poem 

A is for acorn, what a nice hat. 

B is for bacon, without all the fat. 

C is for conflict, no mediator 

D is for dentist or for doctor.  

E is enzyme you find in your dish 

F is for fire and fraction and fish. 

G is for goat on a big dairy farm 

H is for holding the girl by her arm. 

I is for inkling, something you knew 

J is for Jewish, sometimes called a Jew. 

K is for kitten, so soft and so sweet 

L is for lemonade sold on the street. 

M is for mother who takes out the trash 

N is for nanny so mother can dash. 

O is for open, the sign that means go 

P is for purple, or dark indigo. 

Q is for quarter all shiny and new 

R is for rainbow, the green and the blue. 

S is for silly, how you feel when it rains 

T is for riding on very long trains. 

U is for up and for under the car 

V is for visiting grandma real far. 

W is for walrus who has a big tooth 

X stands for nothing but beams on the roof. 

Y is for yak and for yo-yo and yawn 

Z is for zipper, a name for a fawn.  

Put altogether you get ABCs. 

Just being silly, cause that’s what I please.  

FOWC with Fandango


So this I must first look up in the dictionary!


  1. 1. a person soliciting custom or business, typically in an aggressive or bold manner.
  2. 2. NORTH AMERICANa person who offers racing tips for a share of any resulting winnings.


  1. 1. attempt to sell (something), typically by pestering people in an aggressive or bold manner.”Jim was touting his wares”
  2. 2. NORTH AMERICANoffer racing tips for a share of any resulting winnings.


Sell my stuff! 

Have you ever known a tout  

Who thinks that running about 

Selling all their stuff 

Is emotionally kindof tough?  

Well, I am one of those 

Who shops until the close 

For things that I don’t need 

At a super crazy speed.  

I have so much to give 

More than I need to live 

It’s why I give for free 

The stuff that’s not for me.  

I try to sell the most 

My credit cards still post 

With payments that are due 

It’s really nothing new. 

I just want some cash back 

To make by life more slack 

By having less to pay 

At the end of every day.  

Three Things Challenge #48

chocolate, carrot, and chicken

The Chocolate Chicken  

There was a chocolate chicken with wings so dark and smooth 

He didn’t know he wasn’t real, he thought that he could move. 

One day he went out in the sun to play with all his friends 

He didn’t know that chocolate melts. Is this where our story ends? 

Oh no, not now for he was there for many days and nights 

He didn’t even notice when his friends took little bites. 

He slowly started getting small and unknown to himself 

He had to go back to the store to go back on a shelf. 

When he got there he did see a rowdy little group 

Buying carrots and a pot to make a healthy soup. 

One cute kid did want him bad, to take him home that day 

The chocolate chicken was happy when the boy took him away. 

At the home of this cute boy, his name is still unknown 

The chicken found his hollow self was without a single bone.  

He was eaten quite quickly from his toes up to his head 

His head was left inside the box on the table by the bed.  

And now he sits and stares at all four walls and one big door 

Wishing he could be back home on the shelf at that old store.  

FOWC with Fandango


Lindsay Lu 

Itty, bitty Lindsay Lu went to school today 

She thought she’d have some fun with friends and find some time to play. 

Well Lindsay Lu was happy there, her teacher was the best. 

Her favorite time was reading time and also time to rest. 

But once she had her crayons out and one boy tried to grab 

Her favorite purple swirl paper from her paper slab. 

She cried out loud to let him know the paper he should leave 

The teacher heard the scream and through the classroom she did weave 

To find what happened to the girl with paper on her desk 

Because she was always happy, the teacher’d have to ask. 

Lindsay Lu had started crying, the boy he did the same 

The teacher took them both aside and asked the boy his name. 

She told them both that they should share all things from in the room 

Including all the resources, every last volume.  

Lindsay Lu did smile then and so the boy did too 

And now they draw together and even share the glue.