FOWC with Fandango: root


Some roots grow high and roots grow long 

Some roots are weak and others strong. 

The strength of the strongest trees, too 

Lead to longer tree lives, who knew? 

When trees grow down into the ground 

We see the top, the leaves are found 

Blowing during the windy day. 

That one tall tree is there to stay. 

But what about the weakest one? 

Will the wind decide it all done? 

If there’s weakness, help with a stake 

A sort of tightrope you will make. 

The tree will praise you by new growth 

Then go enjoy not one, but both!

Three Thing Challenge

Your three words today are: figure, nod, handsome

Just a mirage 

As I walk down along this dry, desert road 

I feel my insides about to explode. 

I haven’t been eating, its been some three days 

The blinding sun has been guiding my ways. 

A figure is outlined against the bright sky 

I can’t tell if it’s a woman or guy. 

I nod as I walk by, I’m hoping to see 

If that lonely tall person looks a bit friend-ly. 

I see that he’s handsome, pretty darn cute 

He’s wearing nice shoes and a dark, navy suit. 

I ask him if he knows the way to my car 

He said that he thinks that I’ve walked way to far. 

I say that I know that, but how can it be? 

I’m far from my car, parked out near a tree. 

He says that he saw me last night at the pub. 

I thought that was strange, I don’t like to club. 

I must have been thinking aloud at this point 

He asked if I wanted to smoke me a joint. 

I said that I did and it tasted real swell 

I wonder if food ever tasted this well. 

I pondered for seconds, high as a kite 

All of a sudden all alone in the night.  

Was this all a dream, was it true and for real 

It’s just a mirage when it’s been days with no meal.  

FOWC with Fandango


I wonder what people in heaven are thinking when they see almost 95% of a filled restaurant on portable devices, showing moving pictures, playing games, talking back to them? Do they find it strange that humans can no longer live for more than a few minutes without a portable phone out and in use? Do you think we look a little dumb?

Three Thing Challenge

Pillar, Stuck, Toe

The Kitty and The Honey Bee 

The kitty and the honey bee 

Hid behind a Hickory tree. 

They wanted to be left alone, 

No videos, no telephone. 

The pillar of the trunk did hide 

The special lunch they set aside. 

But stuck in to the wax there was 

The kitty’s tail, all stuck with fuzz. 

The bee he cried to see such woe 

The kitty tried to use her toe 

To unstick that old sticky mess 

The bee he did it, he must confess, 

To keep the kitty near him too 

Without her he would be so blue. 

She had no plan to stay or leave 

But trickery made her believe 

That bee didn’t love her as she him 

The lunch date was a thoughtless whim. 

So two dear friends they do not know 

This friendship, it will have to go. 

Writing Prompt #46

I never had the chance to thank….

Have you ever just sat back and thought about it? Thought about all of the people that come and go in your life, every day, every year, in every place you live and work? Even if I just go back to the days of teaching I can think of all the schools I worked at, all the staff I worked with, all the teachers, children, parents, custodians…Then I think about my restaurant days! Wow, all the restaurants, customers, bar patrons, breakfast eaters, cooks, and dishwashers. Now I haven’t even started to think about my growing up, my high school, my college, my professors…

So I sit here and think about it. I think about the people who had an impact on my life. I think about the people who added sorrow or strife. Then those who have added nothing but joy and happiness. From all of my memories, from the farthest depths of my mind, I look to find that one person who I know for a fact helped me become the person I am today. I think about the good, the bad, the obvious, the ones you would never think of. Who comes to your mind?

In my head, I laugh that this person would ever really come into my head, and I guess I have to explain how the bad experience taught me a good lesson in life. I never had the chance to thank Carolyn’s father for calling me a “sneaky, little girl” when I was honestly and truly trying to be considerate. That comment, not to my face yet close enough to be heard, was made and has stuck with me my whole life. That was in maybe third grade. Why do I want to thank this man for being so mean to a little kid? Because it taught me that honesty feels so much better, especially when you know you are honest and there is no doubt in your mind that you have told the truth without any expectations to follow.

For this I thank Mr. C—, I grew up knowing that honesty feels so good.

FOWC with Fandango


Time to reflect 

Some people call it a way to unwind 

I can it sitting on my own behind. 

Listening to birds as they fly through the sky 

Waiting for night time and bats to fly by. 

When all of the cigarette turns into ash 

It is time to go put that old butt in the trash.  

One butt goes up as another goes down 

Looks like the drops of the tears of a clown. 

So I just sit with no cigs and no drink 

Sit here and wonder what else I can think.  

FOWC with Fandango


When I was pregnant with my second child I wanted to get a stroller that was one of those side by side deals. My sister told me it was a bad idea because some of them were too wide for certain doors and spaces. I listened to what she told me and bought the back and front type. I had wanted to buy the one that had the front seat for the baby with the standing area for the toddler. My sister told me it was a bad idea because what if the toddler was too tired to stand and wanted to sit, what do you do then? So I listened and bought the “regular” back and front type. This was over twenty years ago and to this day when I see either of the other carriages, I wish I had bought it instead of my “regular” back and front one that was always to heavy, too bulky, and the two kids fought over who got the front!