What is it with all of those pictures?

You might be asking why I am posting pictures of random things, my drawings, animals, beaches, etc. I am actually putting pictures here on my blog because I have opened up a merchandising venture through http://www.redbubble.com and it has the links to social media. I suppose there may be a picture I post that some people will love, others that people will shake their heads and think “she should have kept that one in a file”. That is okay as I am open to the feedback.

So, my pictures are a kind of reflection of who I am. I have found through blogging that there are many wonderful photographers who post pictures that are fantastic. There are some of you who post pictures from other countries, which fill me with awe, the beauty, the new lands to see. Although my pictures may not seem as “worldly”, they do represent my life. There are pictures from the beach. Those are from my many visits to my see my father. There are pictures of my Zentangle drawings. Those are a pastime I have, which I have actually taught a high school class how to do, that is so relaxing and the beautiful designs that are revealed amaze me. There will also be the random picture here and there, like the red dump truck. Why do I have that picture? Hahaha, when that truck came to deliver stone to my home many years ago I was amazed at the size of it up close. I was also amazed by the amount of stone that came out of the bucket. Yes, it is child-like to be amazed at the size of a truck like that but how often do you really stand near one?

My blogging has become a wonderful part of my day. I love to read what others write, I get some great tips on blogging, I see fantastic photograghy…As many of you may have seen, if it automatically popped up as a new post, I added a page for those who grieve. We all do, don’t we? It doesn’t matter how many years it has been or who you lost, it is all significant. Please share with others, especially those you know who could use a kind ear or noncritical response.

That is my night. I am off to a comedy show, being run as a fundraiser for The Cancer Research Foundation. Should be a good time. Peace out.

Three Line Tales Week 194

Can you hear their cries, the cries of joy and of pain? Do you see the remnants of the lives that no longer have a place to live? Who took it all away and left the walls to hold the secrets?

To Not Desire Dreams

Play in your dreams tonight 

or so you suggest 

to those who are willing to  

try the impossible 

of sleep with a dream. 


What of the nightmares that  

so possess my mind 

that fight with my world 

to show that I am not  

fighting for a job 

or trying to wait on that last table. 


What about the memories 

that only come in sleep 

to make the days 

even worse than those before, 

to darken the morning hours before dawn. 


The dreams for all are not  

majestic nor to desire. 

They are for the darker side 

of your mind 

always coming out 

even when not invited.  


Wednesday, Overcast

So I find myself at home more often than before. I thought I would be enjoying my life in the warmth of a southern state, but as life has dealt me this hand, I must stay in New England for yet another winter. It is cold. I know it is only autumn and the cold hasn’t come yet but I cannot shake the chill. I add layers, put up the thermostat, and find blankets. I think some of the chill is in my mind. When you are not doing what you had “planned” it is hard to find a new road to take.

Now I find that I am searching for that new road. I can’t go backward. I sit here shivering, not wanting to go forward either. Is that healthy? I suppose, no. But, here I find myself wondering what my next step should be.

Perhaps someday I will pour out my feelings in a memoir and that will explain it all. That is what I think, at least. But life continues whether you are ready or not. Everyone around you continues. Is it someone’s warped sense of humor to put me in this state of limbo? Well, if it is, could you please stop? It isn’t very funny!