Fibbing Friday

Di is hosting this week: Have fun with your answers and get a laugh at all the others! Check it out!

This week has a theme of complete the song title. I was doing a quiz the other day about recognising songs from their lyrics and for once I got them all!
So, let’s either revise some classics or give them a whole new meaning. As always, I’ll post my own contribution later.

1. I’ve got you under…………………………..the seat of my car

2. Hi ho silver……………………………………Hi ho gold

3. Anyone who had…………………………….a match

4. Me and You …………………………………ain’t gonna work

5. Hats off ……………………………………….at the table, dammit!

6. Everyone’s gone …………………………..a fishin’

7. Every Man Must ………………………….do what the lady says

8. You’ll never find another ………………so don’t put it back

9. He ain’t heavy …………………………….he’s just big-boned

10. I’ll meet you at …………………………….after work

Fibbing Friday

Melanie is the host today for Fibbing Friday.

This week’s questions: 

  1. What’s behind the 8 ball? Obviously, the cue ball.
  2. What’s up the creek? Some sort of water source like a pond or estuary. It has to come from somewhere.
  3. What is hanging when one says, “Hang ten”? minutes. It is like saying “wait ten minutes”
  4. What size pole is it that you wouldn’t touch someone with? Any size! Why touch someone with a pole!
  5. How do you feel when you’re on cloud nine? Definitely better than cloud eight and encouraged because you are almost to cloud ten.
  6. What does “at sixes and sevens” mean? Usually dinnertime
  7. Do you take five? It all depends on what is offered and what would be polite to take.
  8. Which sport is referenced when the term “four bagger” is used? Golf, of course. Every golfer has more than one set of clubs.
  9. How many rings in the circus? It depends on the size of the circus. But, then again, most circuses have been closed down due to cruel behavior to animals.
  10. What is the loneliest number? zero because it’s got nothing

Fibbing Friday 29th April

Di is hosting Fibbing Friday this week:

1. According to the song, what colour is love? It depends on what the song is about. If it’s the one about ice cream then definitely brown, since chocolate is the best.
2. Who sang about a Green Door? Kermit the frog, His lily pad was green and he considered it the door to his watery home.
3. What colour ribbon is used to adorn old oak trees? Bright neon pink. That way the state guys know which ones are old and need to be cut down.
4. What colour is associated with Lily? Who is Lily?
5. Who had 99 Red Balloons? Willy Wonka
6. Black is Black, but what did he want back? His privacy
7. What colour was the People Eater? Green, mixing all those people made his nauseous
8. What colour is Bing’s Christmas? The same as Bong’s and Boom’s
9. Godley and Creme didn’t want to be under your …………. what? ew….
10. Brown Sugar was a massive hit for which group? The Baking Group

Fibbing Friday

Check out Frank’s site for the questions:

  1. Finish the quote: One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous lines is, “I’ll be…” I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.
  2. Finish the song title: One of Randy Newman’s best known songs is “Why Can’t We…” “Why Can’t We have money like Jeff Bezos?
  3. Twilight wasn’t about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. What was it about? Kids complaining that their moms want to start ghost stories at their campsite but it isn’t even dark yet.
  4. What made Blade different from the vampires he hunted? He had sharp nails instead of sharp teeth.
  5. In what movie did Billy Crystal play a character named, Miracle Max? Miracle on 34th Street
  6. The Goonies wasn’t about a group of kids searching for a lost treasure. What was it about? A group of friends who get together before their 50th high school reunion to hang out and have a few drinks like the old days.
  7. What was name of the character than Alan Rickman played in the first movie that he starred in? Ricky Alman
  8. In The Professional, who does Natalie Portman’s character shoot with a paint pellet? Her boss
  9. The Phantom of the Opera isn’t about a disfigured man who terrorizes a Paris opera house. What is it about? The vacuum cleaner used to clean large venues.

Fibbing Friday

This week PCGuyIV hosts: Welcome to Fibbing Friday! Time to lie until your pants are burned to a crisp! Just answer the questions below in a post on your own blog as creatively as you can, making sure that you bend, stretch, break, or outright ignore the truth. 

  1. What is Mick Jagger known for? blowing bubbles with his wife and kids
  2. What do Ronnie Milsap and Stevie Wonder have in common? Stevie Wonder loved pancakes so Ronnie was a great contact.
  3. What was the rock musical, Tommy really about? It is the male version of Evita, except he lives in the US and isn’t married.
  4. What was Liberace’s claim to fame? being a good mediator during debates, since he had such liberal views.
  5. Why were bubbles such a big part of The Lawrence Welk Show? Because welks blow bubbles when the are under water as a way of exhaling.
  6. What exactly is chamber music? The music they play for death row inmates
  7. What physical impairment did Ludwig van Beethoven suffer from? He had no body hair, which is why he had to wear a wig, but it also exposed his bare skin to the sun and harsh elements.
  8. What type of music was popular during the Big Band Era? Very loud rock with every instrument imaginable.
  9. What is Weird Al Yankovic known for? being a quiet conservative
  10. What did Sonny Bono do once he left the entertainment industry? he developed and marketed a new brand of dog biscuits – Bono Bones.

Fibbing Friday: February 11th, 2022

Frank is hosting Fibbing Friday this week:

Greetings, and welcome to Fibbing Friday! Answer the questions below as creatively as possible; just be sure to bend, stretch, break, or outright ignore the truth! Once you’ve crafted a fine set of fibs, post them on your blog and tag it as “Fibbing Friday”. Be sure to link back here so the rest of us can enjoy your twisting of the truth! Pingbacks are enabled or you can simply drop a link in the comments below. Have fun!

  1. Why is St. Valentine’s day observed on February 14th? They thought it would be bad luck to have a holiday on Friday the 13th.
  2. According to legend, what is supposed to happen if a groundhog sees his shadow on February 2nd? It scares the shit out of him, he takes off and now someone else has to worry about his screwing up their garden.
  3. Whether you call it Mardi Gras or Pancake Day, what is the day after “Fat Tuesday” called? Nausea Wednesday
  4. What does Presidents Day commemorate? The fact that they were able to get a little tiny face inscribed on a little metal disc of copper and silver
  5. What is the story of Beauty & the Beast about really? 50 years of marriage
  6. What allows Peter Pan to fly? Tinkerbell carries him by the waistband
  7. Why did the princess kiss the frog? Because she was too young to understand that amphibians can carry diseases and those creatures should be left in the water
  8. What is Pinocchio about? The original childrens party game invented by Occhio except he got tired of everyone poking him with sharp objects when the saw him.
  9. Why did Little Boy Blue need to blow his horn? Because Little Girl Pink told him to keep his hands off of hers
  10. Why did Jack and Jill go up the hill? Because their school was uphill both ways and they went barefoot in the snow, day after day…wait, that was my dad’s reason…

Fibbing Friday 4th February 2022

Hello and welcome to Fibbing Friday where you’re given the chance to lie through your teeth and get away with it. Di is hosting this week:

Haha, these are tricky words! I don’t know where to begin…

1. What is a flagon? A flying dragon
2. What is acnestis? Problem skin that you get as an adult when you shouldn’t be getting acne anymore!
3. What is a halfpace? The steps you take when you are walking next to someone quite taller than you. It takes two of your steps to each one of theirs.
4. What is clinomania? Being addicted to research and other clinical matters
5. What is petrichor? The middle of any petrified substance.
6. What is tittynope? The look you give your husband when out in public
7. What is xertz? The original name of a car rental company, before check boxes were invented
8. What is agastopia? It is a place to go when you are feeling bloated
9. What does evancalous mean? I can’t even make a good guess at this one!
10. What is Nudiustertian A person who lives in a community that believes in not wearing clothes.

Fibbing Friday: January 28, 2022

Welcome to Fibbing Friday! Frank is hosting this week! To join in the fun, just answer the questions below in a post on your own blog. Just be sure your answers bend, stretch, break, or outright ignore the truth. Tag your post as “Fibbing Friday”, and link back here! Pingbacks are enabled or you can just leave a link in the comments below. Be sure to check out how other people answer the questions. Half the fun is seeing how different or similar your answers are to everyone else!

  1. What is Lizzie Borden known for? She owned the cow that is responsible for American Cheese
  2. What did the man known as D.B. Cooper do? He made tires
  3. What was the Enron scandal about? A sordid affair he had with his nanny
  4. What was Dante’s work, The Divine Comedy about? The funny parts of the bible that no one talks about
  5. What does Macbeth do to become king? Thanks his lucky stars he was born a prince
  6. Why is Capt. Ahab obsessed with finding Moby Dick? This is disgusting…..
  7. In Mary Poppins, what is Mr. Banks’ profession? Obviously a banker
  8. According to Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? We never find out because he bites the lollipop instead.
  9. According to folklore, what does a chupacabra eat? little children who lie to their parents
  10. Where do Yeti supposedly live? in their houses

Fibbing Friday 21st January

Di is hosting this week

Here are the questions:

1. What did Miss Muffett sit on? Her ass, for too long, that’s why she couldn’t drop the weight.
2. Who tried to gatecrash her dinner? Her diet coach…to no avail could not get in.
3. What did Wee Willie Winkie do? Nothing, he was too small to do anything without parental assistance.
4. How many blackbirds were baked in a pie? None, that is disgusting and they are too hard to defeather.
5. Who sold sea shells on the sea shore? whoever owned the store at the end of the beach.
6. What did Peter Piper pick? his job, his friends, where he lived, what he ate, what clothes he wore, what kind of car he wanted…
7. What ran up the clock? the offense, they didn’t want to risk losing the ball.
8. What was daddy going to wrap Baby Bunting in? He was going to use a blanket but then mommy told him he needed to use the appropriate outerwear for a baby that small.
9. Where did Doctor Foster go? Probably the bar
10. What was the old man doing when it was pouring with rain? Sitting by the door waiting for it to stop

Fibbing Friday January 14th, 2022

PCGuyIV is back!

  1. What was the actual name of the 1960’s rock group known as “The Fab Four”? The Fantastic Awesome Bunch of Four
  2. What children’s TV show was narrated by both Ringo Starr and George Carlin? The Funny Beatles
  3. What was the name of Sir Paul McCartney’s band after the Beatles? Paul after the Beatles
  4. What name did The Beatles go by before they became The Beatles? The Grubs
  5. Who was “The Forgotten Beatle”? the one the anteater found first, he never developed enough to get named
  6. How many Beatles movies are there? None, Disney wasn’t making movies with Pixar yet
  7. In relation to the other Beatles movies, what was unique about the movie, Yellow Submarine? It was filmed completely underwater.
  8. What exactly is, “The Butcher Cover”? a kraft paper. Originally sold to butchers for the purpose of wrapping meat and fish, now used for a wide variety of purposes, notably in primary education where it is used for arts and crafts, such as hanging artwork (
  9. What are the flowers mentioned in the song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” made of? candy from Willy Wonka’s factory
  10. Who is Billy Shears? Edward William Scissorhands II