Memories: Compilation 06/20/2022

Before I could make a colossal mistake
I went to my laboratory wondering just what to make
I thought of achievements and those of my kids
I looked for recognition in everything they did.
Listlessly sitting under long bright white lights
a milestone reminded me of a time of a fright
A leopard had lumbered its way in my head
A display of lactation while I lay in my bed
Sort of a nuance the vision soon cleared
and I realized my daughter was where I most feared.
Alone in the kitchen with only the cats
Lapping up milk and softly giving them pats
I leapt out of bed and threw on my clothes
Reminded I thankfully washed the floor, I suppose.
Forgetting the mess and only laughter ensued
Thought my jovial reputation was what I couldn’t out-do

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

A Letter A Week – K

Nope, Not Pam is the host of “A Letter A Week” and this week is K.

Place – Krakow

Emotion – keen

Adjective – knockout

Verb – keep

My animal – Kiwi

In a land so far from me
a place called Krakow holds my roots
A knockout lady keen on men
Her lover wearing army boots
He keeps her safe and loves her much
Their world will surely shift
When Hitler comes to get them all
and Kiwi birds are silly gifts.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

A Letter A Week

Deb is the host of A Letter A Week and this weeks letter is J.

My words:
Place – jail
Emotion – jealous
Adjective – jovial
Verb – jam
My animal – Jackdaw

Being in a state of stress
the Jackdaw was a jealous mess
He landed his own self in jail
when jamming dirt onto that snail
But little did he know back then
That shells are filled with lil’ snail men
And when you push the dirt up tight
They put up quite a nasty fight
‘Cause that’s their home and they won’t go
They’ll chase you out, although they’re slow
So leave the shells right on the beach
This is a lesson I’m proud to teach
Someday I’ll be a jovial bird
Don’t let my story go unheard!

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

A Letter A Week – G

Now this week’s prompts: G. Find it here

Place – Graceland

Emotion – Grief

Adjective – grandiose

Verb – gasp

My animal – Guinea Pig

The Piggie

A small little pig
with a cute little butt
with a cute little name
was in quite a rut
He followed his ma
to a place ‘cross the sand
A beautiful place
It was called Graceland.
The guinea pig gasped
to see such a place
a grandiose stage
With dark curtains and lace
He noticed the stage
had seen some sad days
The grief he could feel
glowing down like sun rays
But despite the sad vibe
there was joy here as well
and the cute little pig
thought his mama was swell
She brought him there too
to learn ’bout music and folks
But the pig couldn’t stop
hearing frogs chirp and croak
So he went with his ma
They went down to a bog
A safer place here instead
Sitting atop an old log.

©2022 CBialczak 2022