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Finding Family

Darcy made her way through the stacks of books, down long tunnels of shelving that reached over ten feet from the floor, and through several doorways before entering the computer room.
She had never understood why they put this room all the way in the back, just like supermarkets put all the dairy in the back of the store to entice shoppers to walk the isles.
Sitting at the third computer, which is the one she usually sat at when she came here, she hit the power button to wake up the screen and start her search.
It was nearly 3 hours later when she looked up from her computer again but felt less tired than she had felt when she got there.
With paper and pen in hand, Darcy headed back the way she came and slipped out the door without making any disruptions to the other library patrons.
Finally, Darcy had the address she needed, the courage to move forward, and the desire to learn all about the family she never knew she had.

WordPress Question of the Day

Daily writing prompt
What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

Brody wakes me up at precisely 8:00 am. I tell him that I need five more minutes, showing him my five fingers and he goes back in his bed for at least 5 minutes, usually 15 minutes. I sit up in bed and he proceeds to rub his back under my dangling feet for his morning back rub/scratch. I let him out the back door.

While he is going potty, I wash, brush my teeth, and then find him waiting outside the bathroom door for me. He follows me back to my bedroom where I get dressed. Next, I go get his food dish which is near the back door, so I close the back door now. I get Brody’s bowl and make him breakfast, typically comprised of kibble, a teaspoon of wet dog food, and some water to make it “Soupy”. Next, I fill his water dish with fresh clean water, and he finishes. I then get my sneakers on and we go for our daily walk.

While walking I either listen to a book on Audible or music on Spotify. After he poops we head home so I can blog and get on with my day.

Daydreaming: A Compilation 03/29/2023

Photo by Wesley Tingey (wesleyphotography) on Unsplash


Although the day opened with a bright mood
Its fallacy hiding the gray
Adequate lighting along the long path
Any consequences falling astray
Flowers bloom large on their burgeoning plight
Equate to their life on the ground
No need for words or anything else
Being pugnacious and ready to bound
Out of the ground up into the sky
Like fireworks up in the air
Meaning my mind may wander away
Feeling sedate and locked in a stare


New Book: Oblivion’s River (Romantic Fantasy/ HEA/ Greek Mythology)

Welcome to the book tour for Oblivion’s River by Shoshana Rain! If you enjoy spicy romance and Greek myths, you will love this! 

Oblivion’s River (The New Olympus #2)

Publication Date: February 28th

Genre: Romantic Fantasy/ HEA/ Greek Mythology

Oblivion’s River is a full-length, medium-burn, standalone fantasy romance with a guaranteed HEA. It contains steamy scenes and is an opposites attract romance. It is book two in The New Olympus series. While it is a standalone, reading the first book will provide the best reading experience.


I wanted to forget Lethe, to stop seeing her every time I closed my eyes. The goddess hunted me, tormented me, took away everything I am. She should rot away in Tartarus like she deserves.

But we need her. She’s the only one who can tell us where the rift knife is—and our very survival depends on it. I’m the only one who can get answers from her, so I’ll punish her, bend her, use her.

Until she gives me everything.


There are so many things I can’t remember. Who I hurt. Who hurt me. The location of the knife, the one I can trade for my freedom. I don’t want to remember. I’m happy in the darkness and silence, forgotten.

They don’t believe me, and when they drag me out of my prison, I find myself faced with a god I shouldn’t remember. But I do.

He wants to play a game, but I don’t play games. That’s why I’ll win.

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Strife’s Apple (The New Olympus #1)


As the God of Prophecy, it’s my duty to keep my fellow gods safe. And to do that, I need Eris. Which means retrieving the Goddess of Discord from the pits of Tartarus—where I left her, seven hundred years ago.

The now-freed goddess may think she can beat me, but I intend to tame her wildness before she destroys us all. I’ll do anything to save my family, including seducing her. And I’ll love every second of it. I’ll have the little goddess on her back, hands, knees, any and every way I can get her.

No matter what, I’ll bring her to heel.

For seven hundred years, they kept me chained in darkness. For seven hundred years, I never saw sunlight, never knew joy, never spoke to another mortal—or god. Until Apollo came, and with the wave of one imperious hand, freed me.

I know he needs my help. The gods are fading, and only I can save them. Too bad I have no interest in anything beyond revenge.

Especially against him

Strife’s Apple is a full-length, medium-burn, standalone fantasy romance with a guaranteed HEA. It contains steamy scenes and is an opposites attract, enemies to lovers romance.


About the Author

A lover of mythology, sexy romances, and heroines who give as good as they get, Shoshana knew she wanted to write fantasy romance since reading Kushiel’s Dart. When she’s not writing, she’s hanging out with her cat and trying to keep her garden alive in the harsh desert summer.

Shoshana Rain


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