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The Cat in the Hat at his desk he did sit
waiting a while for a call about “It”
the “It” was the problem of watching the kids
of parents who didn’t know what the Cat did.

The mom and the dad of the boy and the girl
needed some help before life did unfurl
they worked many hours and had real good jobs
But hated the kids watching tv like blobs.

They wanted a helper to get into the house
and get the kids moving, they needed a rouse
But the parents want safety, as most of them do
The Cat was so happy ’cause that’s all that he knew

He knew that the lives of the kids were the point
To keep them from drinking or smoking a joint
To help them to learn all about the big world
Without their nice house being broke or uncurled.

He told both the folks that he had healthy snacks
and that he knew about choking and smacking their backs
about care while swimming in the pool or the tub
about watching out where the dirty dog liked to rub

He also told them that he had many toys
So many kinds, even ones without noise
Learning games made with the kids well in mind
Games that the regular nanny can’t find

They said they would call him when they made their choice
They called and it sounded just like the mom’s voice
He was told he could visit and then they would see
Just how knowledgeable that Cat seemed to be.