New Book: Cursed Memory (PNR/ Vampire Romance)

Welcome to the book tour for Cursed Memory by River Ash. This beautiful novella is part one of a duet. Read on for more info!


Cursed Memory (Cursed Bloodlines #1)

Publication Date: January 17th, 2023

Genre: PNR/ Vampire Romance

Length: 65 pages

I remember the club. The pounding of the beat pulsing in my veins, the way my body moved with the music.

Then — nothing.

My memories are locked away in the dark corners of my mind, replaced by an insatiable hunger nothing can fill.

Until I found him.

I felt his presence before I saw him. My blood calls for this mysterious man whose darkness matches my own. Being near him sets my body on fire, making me ache for every touch… every taste.
It’s as if my soul recognizes him, loosening my trapped memories. Each time a new one breaks free, I wonder if he holds the key to what I’ve lost, what I can’t remember. But everything comes with a price. I’m beginning to fear the cost of remembering all that I’ve done might be more than I can bear. What if the monster of this story… is me?

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About the Author

River Ash is a writer of paranormal romance novels. Her stories are filled with passion and fantasy and all have HEAs. Her latest book in the Cursed Bloodline world, “Cursed Memory” is out.

Her love for reading began when she was a young girl sneaking into the school library, and grow into adulthood.

When River’s not reading, she is writing passionate fantasy with romance twist. Or else, she can be found solving sudoku puzzles. River loves traveling, is obsessed with energy drinks, and has several relationships with fictional characters.

River Ash

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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #272

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wavelength, stroboscopic, hypnosis, trance, entertainment

The Cat in the Hat was back at the kid’s house
on this holiday day while mom had to work
He brought a big bag and a friendly small mouse
Having good friends and toys was one of his perks.

The kids want entertainment they told the cat
sending thoughts on a wavelength they always shared
The Cat brought a stroboscope, a fancy device
He thought kids and equipment were very well paired.

It all started just as some fun on this day
entertainment held both kids in a deep trance
Just like hypnosis, their grownups might say
is more dangerous than a kid’s groovy dance

But the cat was an expert, thats what he thought
about games for kids that were safe and were fun
He always kept boys and girls rules very taught
And he always cleaned up when they were all done

Just as he promised the kids were both safe
when mom came home right before bed
The Cat didn’t want the mom’s nerves the be chafed
and he said his goodnights and out the door fled.

©2023 CBialczak

Step out of the sand

What do you do
when the world feels awry
and all that’s amiss
continues to grow
Where issues that seem
to not exist in your world
Suddenly flood
your existence?
Thoughts come like
an avalanche to disrupt
the quietude of life
So much more
could be so much
yet it is your world
and when is it okay
to sit back
and feel badly
for yourself
without it being
Is hopelessness
the same as
giving up?
Where do we
draw the line
in this giant sandbox
called life
where each grain
contains pleasure
or pain, sometimes disappearing
to the bottom of the pile,
not big enough to hold on to
not bright enough to see shining
only sharp enough to
rip our lives
into too many
pieces to handle.

©2023 CBialczak